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21-08-2010, 04:46 PM
Help, I've just agreed to take a boy of 5 on after school.

I didn't realise that for the first 8 weeks he is going to need picking up from 12 - 6.30 pm! How do I filll the time with him as my others are all 1 year - 2 years and I think he will soon get bored?


21-08-2010, 06:27 PM
What's your routine?
Are you doing lunch after you pick him up at 12?
Assuming you will have lunch first and then nappies to sort out, let him have some books or quiet tv for a little bit while you are busy, then do your lo's have a nap? If so use that time to do a craft with him or let him have something out that wouldn't be suitable for the lo's like lego, die cast cars, action man, meccano, magnetix, etc, whatever his interests are really. If he's made something that has to be dismantled you can always take a picture of it for his scrapbook. Do you have a table where he could do colouring or something that the lo's can't get to, there are loads of 'boy' colouring and activity sheets available online.
If they don't nap there are probably plenty of things that my schoolies like to play alongside the lo's, mega blocks, wooden train track or garage, teasets, cafe or shops, schools, Bob the builder vehicles, farm or jungle animals or dinosaurs, sticklebricks, playdough. He could make dens for them to hide in.
You might find that he likes to 'help' you and the lo's, with a cooking or messy activity, he could always do 'proper' painting if they do finger painting, just make sure his equipment is out of reach of the lo's if necessary.
And I like to go out a lot, there's always the park, feeding the ducks, you could take a football with you if you have a nice safe park near you, and let him run off a bit of steam.

It all depends what his interests are really, and what his personality is, and (I know this is going to sound mean) if you can trust him to play nicely with the lo's, although of course you will be supervising them anyway.

Just wondering why he will be finishing early for 8 weeks, that sounds like a long settling in period, will he affect your numbers if he is not yet full time?

21-08-2010, 06:38 PM
Yes I was thinking along the same lines as you. On Tuesday we attend a childminding group 1-3 pm and wed toddler group 1-3 pm so only Mon, Thur and Fri need to worry about but I think he will want to play after lunch and maybe have a nap so will play it by ear.

Also we can go to the park with the dog if the weather is nice, it just seems 6 weeks 12 - 6.30 pm is a long time to fill.

I think as he is one of the younger ones they make them do half day until october half term but he has been at full day nursery since 6 months so he is more than ready to do full time at school. No he will not affect my numbers, could do with more!!!

Thank you.