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21-08-2010, 03:49 PM
I look after a lil boy 11 months old he is very clingy i cant do alot and he doesn't really like to play he seems to just want to cuddle all the time. unfortunately this is mums fault she is constantly doing this.

when i walk into another room or shut the stair gate he will scream the house down and iv tried leaving him but i feel bad for him.

is there anything i can do? x

21-08-2010, 03:53 PM
keep re assuring him, sing so he can hear your voice, play beebos round the door so he thiks its a game,

bless him.....xx

Tam's Tribe
21-08-2010, 04:04 PM

I have had this problem, mum held him for all his naps and sits with him every minute he was awake. As I had other children to look after I couldnt be with him (10 months) 24/7 so twice a day I put him in the travel cot for 10 mins at a time with toys, lots of musical, discovery toys and he could see me at all times . . . at first he would cry, I would NOT pick him up but start him off playing with a toy and then leave him and do it again if he cried. He felt reassured as he could still see me. It took a little while but WOW he is now a little PLAYING MACHINE!!! . . . he has discovered how much fun playing is, much more fun than just sitting on my lap. Also, he is a little fabulous sleeper at my house . . . we have a little routine at nap time and even if I have a house full of noisey kids on school holidays, he still goes down awake and sleeps.

Good Luck!


21-08-2010, 04:18 PM
I had this problem when an inspector was here :angry:

SHE told me I shouldn't have left him crying , bearing in mind I had gone to the hot oven to check dinner :rolleyes: I should have took him in and put him into a highchair - stupid :censored:

Well I continued to leave him as the others weren't allowed in the kitchen when oven was on and I couldn't take him to the loo when I was changing a nappy etc, i stopped picking him up all the time whilst out and one day he left my side at toddler group :thumbsup: and then screamed the place down when we had to leave he was never in any danger and nothing was wrong with him so I persevered and won the battle :clapping:

21-08-2010, 07:10 PM
At that age it's common for them to get a bit of separation anxiety, I've had a couple who went through this. I found it best not to constantly pick them up but to keep in sight, talk to them a lot, give them things to keep them interested and try to ignore the crying, easier said than done, I know!
If you have to go out of sight just keep talking to them and reassuring them all the time so they can hear you and give them lots of attention when you get back.
I did still give them lots of cuddles and affection through the day, when it's story time, nappy change, playing etc but just not every time they start screaming otherwise they just carry on until you give in!
Afraid it's just a case of perseverance, they will eventually learn there are better things to be doing other than crying, and although if the mum gives in it won't exactly help but but it's surprising how quickly they learn that it's different at your house!