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Manda L
02-08-2010, 12:17 PM
Dear all,
I'm in desparate need of advise. I have a little one, almost 2, that has been with me since 4 months old. Earlier this year he stared to cry when we went to new playgroups, or other friends houses.
Ok it's a new thing, takes time, but he does it every time, even to same places he goes to every week.
He starts before we get in the door and cries saying my name over and over again. It's now driving me nuts, other C/M's are saying how do you cope.
It's been okish, but now i cant go anywhere. I tried to go for a playday this morning, but had to come home after 10 mins, as the other little ones couldn't stand it.
I have ignored it, i have payed attention to it.. either way no change.
I am going to try to go back to a childrens centre tomorrow... i know how it's going to go already, but i want to take the others and they love them.
Has anyone had the same problem, as i dont think i can cope until he groes out of it??????

02-08-2010, 12:29 PM
I used to have 2 boys, brothers, 1 of 20mths and 1 of 4. The 4 year old did not like going to toddler group and would whinge, not cry the whole time. But the other children loved it.
This continued for months, and he would just sit next to me whinging. I felt bad, but would not be dictated to by him, as I felt it was unfair on the others.

Then one day, out of the blue, he started playing, and then you couldn't get him off the toys!

It's a tough one, especially when we're talking 4 months down the line for you. Maybe just keep at it, and do it in short bursts.

Good Luck