View Full Version : How do I deal with bossy 6 year old

Lily Grace
28-07-2010, 10:28 AM
I have just stated minding a brother and sister before and after school. They only started with me in May and are term-time only. At first the little girl (she is 6, nearly 7) was very quiet and things were great. But just recently she has found her voice and boy has she!! She is in my little girls class and she said she is very bossy and rude at school. I have to tell my little girl to ignore it.

She has become very bossy, bosses my older mindee, my little girl, her brother and tries to boss me about!! I have to remind her that I am the adult and this is my house so I make the rules.

I want it to stop as it is driving us all mad. Older mindees mum had a word with me as mindee was getting a bit fed up of it. I have tried explaining to her that no one like being bossed about. It calms down for about half an hour but started up again. When she come back in Sept it has to stop. Any ideas on how to approach this would be great.

28-07-2010, 12:21 PM
You nip it in the bud - quickly as soon as it starts.
I think its a girl thing - my 3yr old mindee is very bossy and i have to remind her who the adult is too. My older mindee and middle son get really annoyed with it too - they end of ignoring her.

I just explain to her, that its great she wants to help me out but not everyone wants to do what she wants them to and often they are not doing anything wrong. Its for me to deal with.

Perhaps do some 'team building activities' where everybody gets a turn to be the leader and follower.

My 3yr old mindee has no boundaries and rules at home and parents allow her to rule the roost - they are amazed that when I say something to her she listens and does as she is told. The 'look' works wonders on her!

blue bear
29-07-2010, 07:07 AM
she obviously likes being in charge, can you channel this somehow, set her tasks to do?

I joke with one of mine "don't boss xxxx around that's my job" it does calm the situation down.

Mindee needs to help, she washes up sorts out toy boxes/books etc. Fab at writing shopping lists, sorts out food cupboard, gives her a purpose and takes her out of the other children's hair for a short while.

Play lots of taking turn games where no-one is in charge.You could try getting all the children involved in house rules and what the consequence are for breaking them.

Remind everyone at frequent intervals who is in charge and snap the unwanted behaviour in the bud before it even gets going, if you see a situation happening divert her as soon as you can, bit like when a child bites.

hope some of this helps, it's tough but when you crack it you'll feel on top of the world.