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23-07-2010, 10:03 AM
I think I posted on her a few weeks ago about how the local job center were running workshops to get lone parents back to work and they were advising any tom dick and harry to become a child minder because it was easy to do. Well I sent them a letter explaining all the hard work that actually goes into running your own childcare business and I included a adapted job description that I found on here. The job center asked my dh if I required a reply (he works there) to which he said of course I do, so today it arrived.

It basically states I wasn't at the workshop when the comment was made so I am reacting to hear say, bearing in mind my dh has heard how they talk about childminding so no its not hearsay. Anyway they read of a script which says,
"Childminders usually look after children in the childminders own home and often collect school age children from a nearby school. They are required to undertake basic training course including first aid. They are not required to have formal training in childcare, although some do have a Certificate in childminding practice. many childminders are parents them selves and the care will be In a family environment rather than being formal"

So no mention of
-registering with EH
-keeping accounts
-risk assessment
-records of child's development
-Following EYFS etc etc

Then to really top it off they have returned my Job description how flipping petty. They have included a leaflet that they hand out designed by our dwq that again doesn't state any thing that is actually involved in running a business just who to contact and the fact you may be able to still claim benefits and be CRB checked. I feel the Job center should say more about it and stop undermine how much work is involved and the Developments workers need to re write this leaflet.
I'm going to write a stern letter now tho the bob center about returning the job description so if any one has any ideas how to word it that would be great.

23-07-2010, 10:09 AM
I would be tempted to return the letter stating that you are well aware of the basic elements of being a Self Employed Registered Childminder but they are appear to be ignorant of the fact that we are business men and women that have to produce our own accounts etc.

I was point out that childminding is not suited to everybody, being around children for long hours, having and welcoming people into your HOME takes a lot of patience and understanding.
They also appear to be missing the fact that once basic training is completed it is good practice to continue CPD and extend our skills so that we are producing a first rate service to children and families and this means been aware of and implementing legislations such as:
safeguarding (never a pleasant subject, can be upsetting but essential)
disability and inclusion
diversity awareness
health and safety
and so the list goes on.,.....

Childminding is NOT for everybody and they ought to be giving advice that many of those registerd end up packing in within the first year.

and so and so forth

23-07-2010, 10:40 AM
Ive wrote a letter how does this sound (not sure how to end it)

Dear Claire
Thank you for responding to my letter, however I am most annoyed that you have returned the Job description of a Childminder to me. I spent a considerable amount of time compiling that and I find it unprofessional of you not to retain it for further reference.
Secondly I am sure you are aware that the staff running these Lone parent events do not always stick to the script so please do not insult me by denying that comments lowering the professionalism of childminding have been made. As for the script it self, it is out of date and inaccurate so perhaps you can point me in the right direction of the person who writes it as I would like to pass on the one I have written which states;

Childminders look after children in their own home and are often able to offer flexible care including wrap around care for school aged children . Childminders looking after children under 8 must register with Ofsted and those with children 8 and over can be registered on the voluntary part of the register. Childminding is a business therefore you are required to keep financial records and register with the Inland revenue.
In addition they are required to register with the local environment health department as a food premises and must hold a valid first aid certificate. Whilst currently no formal qualifications are needed many childminders enhance their compulsory basic training by attending regular workshops and short courses, some going on to gain certificates or even degrees.
Many Childminders are parents themselves and the care will be in a family environment and while it is not as formal as other forms of childcare they are still required to adhere to the EYFS development and welfare requirements the same as any other early years setting. Which requires written policy's, procedures, individual planning, written risk assessment and keeping up to date with new legislation involving inclusion, safeguarding children, data protection and so on.
Yours sincerely

Carol M
23-07-2010, 11:51 AM
Good on you!
Carol xx

The Juggler
23-07-2010, 12:05 PM
sounds good to me. Go for it hon.x

23-07-2010, 12:12 PM
Excellent. I really hope you get somewhere as it is about time we were given more credit for what we do, people make it seem so easy and it so isn't. :panic: Let us know what they say. :thumbsup:

23-07-2010, 12:14 PM
Well done - let's see what they say to that!

Miffy xx

23-07-2010, 03:39 PM
Whilst currently no formal qualifications are needed many childminders enhance their compulsory basic (initial) training by attending regular workshops and short courses, some going on to gain certificates or even degrees.

the only change i would make is to refer to the training as 'initial' rather than basic, as this again implies it is the start and better than basic, but great letter

23-07-2010, 04:08 PM
As a mother, rather than a childminder, I was not aware that there was so much involved in being a childminder although I am pleased to say that as a result of your post I am a little more aware now :)

Good on you for speaking your mind!

23-07-2010, 06:13 PM
Only a very small number of people who did the inital training at the same time as me actually became childminders because it wasn't as easy as they expected.