View Full Version : A Year of my Learning Journey - new illustrated e-book

15-07-2010, 06:22 PM
I have been having great fun putting lots of different observation, assessment, individual planning and other forms into a format which can be used to print off a child's learning journey through the year.

Everything is decorated with lovely pictures from my friend Sarah, a Knutsford Illustrator.

‘A Year of my Learning Journey’ is a full year of forms, with monthly illustrated header sheets and lots of little extras.

This is not something pre-bound that you struggle to fill in every month or full of stuff that makes little sense... it is a totally flexible way of working.

If you do not like one form or picture... simply browse through the months and find an alternative one that suits!

There are lots of different ideas and formats of paperwork to choose from and they can all be mixed and matched and printed again and again, so you do not run out of new ways of presenting things.

You will never forget when it's time to write a report or catch up with parents or other settings either because the forms are all there, in month order, to remind you.

Once you have gone through the year with the child (or s/he leaves) you can present the Learning Journey bound or in a loose leaf folder or with a decorated cover, tied with ribbon.

Whatever way you decide to put it together, parents will be delighted with the information you have gathered about their child.

It is also an excellent way of showing Ofsted evidence of listening to the child and working with parents / others to improve outcomes.

'A Year of my Learning Journey' will be sent out on a CD, post only as the files with illustrations are huge!

I have priced it at £7.99 including p & p. It is available on my Knutsford Childminding (http://www.knutsfordchildminding.co.uk) website (illustrated e-book page).

If you have already bought my illustrated Learning Journey e-book there is some cross over of information... if you are interested in this one as well, please contact me for a price.

I have made this e-book for myself and I have to say I am really pleased with how it has turned out.

If you would like a sample of the contents and illustrations please email or pm and ask me. :D