View Full Version : Learning needs of a child - Help please.

13-07-2010, 08:21 AM
Please can anyone give me some ideas for learning needs for the following observations......my mind has gone blank.

Ob 1 - 24m old sitting with me reading a story. Mindee is talking about the pictures, linking animals with the sounds they make and helping to turn the pages.

OB 2 - 24m old fits train track together, gets trains out of the box and hands them to me telling me the colours as she goes. Mindee is facinated how the trains link by magnests and we talk about this. Mindee makes train noises.

OB3 - 24m old using the water table. Mindee blows the bubbles in the water and makes them move, I show how she can make more bubbes by splashing her hands about. Mindee finds a sieve in the water and I show her how to blow into the sieve to create bubbles. I encourage mindee to fill and empty vesels and to transfer water from one vesel to another. I encourage mindee to continue with the activity when she gets splashed with water and becomes concerned.

I have obviously shortened the OBs down but hope you get the jist from what I have written.

Any help greatly recieved.