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09-07-2010, 01:01 PM
.... you have the perfect mindees with the perfect parents and the perfect Children's Centre who cater to your every whim (who am I kidding?).

My questions are:

- if you had a local Children's Centre that was very pro-active with regards to welcoming Childminder's - what would they have to provide or do in order for you to go along?
- What do you think would make you and your mindees feel welcomed?
- Are there any activities you'd like your Centre to provide - if so, like what?
- Would you think about approaching the Centre for support?
- Are there any courses you'd like and if so - what?

Basically, anything you can think of that would inspire you to attend!

Thanks again for your input.


green puppy
09-07-2010, 01:16 PM
At my local cc at the moment our weekly cm group is sharing the room with the creche that also runs. We have a large space on one wall that is our childminder noticeboard. On this we have " What to look for " info for parents, vacancy cards for cm's and nannies, up coming events, tax info for cm's, training feedback and info and also our activity planner, and a folder that the activity spidergrams go into with eyfs links after each planned activity. The creche workers sometimes plan with us but otherwise they set up activities and so do we for all of the children to do. Parents looking for care are also invited to put their details on the board and also to drop in to our group for a chat. The centre is also happy for us to use the room computer and printer and also does photocopying for us so we all have the activity sheets and any other bits that we need. They also share all resources and most often provide craft stuff if they have it . They also often ask for our feedback and are happy to listen to us. They provide snacks for the creche and our children but we contribute too. We can also take older children during holidays as the creche is not running and it is just us in the room, which is big, fully resourced and with a great outdoors.

09-07-2010, 01:21 PM
I go to a sure start centre two mornings a week with my mindees. I love going. Having previously attended numerous toddlers group these are by far my favourite.
Firstly they introuced themselves to me asked a little about myself, spoke to my mindees and gave me an information leaflet. They have around 10 activities set up which are all great. Mostly messy play like sand, water, painting, gloop, and others like brio, kitchen area, the children then do whatever activity they like. We have a healthy snack and end with singing a few songs.
I haven't attended any sessions aimed specifically at childminders but I would like the above. As for courses I would like things that are aimed at everyday things we can do like, ideas for using a tuff spot, healthy eating and menus, theme/activity ideas linked with EYFS, heuristic play and treasure baskets, ideas for singing/music time, using story sacks, and visits to vets, dentists, firestation etc.

I love this forum and I get alot of my ideas and questions answered on here.
But there are always new ideas out there that can be shared, so maybe have a session where a topic can be brainstormed..... Hope this helps. x

10-07-2010, 08:03 AM
Thank you both for your replies. Really appreciate it.

Would also appreciate other members input :blush:

green puppy
10-07-2010, 08:33 AM
Our childrens centre also run a couple of day trips during the summer hols at reduced prices. We just did a " footsteps " road safety session and have also had people in to talk about forest school, do you have these available? They are also happy for us to have the room on different days providing it is available. The centre also have a forum with meetings for everybody to attend for feedback and input, suggestions for courses and so on. Would you be able to visit any othe cc's in your area and talk to the cm's that attend, see what they do? Perhaps sending out invitations to the cm's in your area and inviting them to an informal " ideas " evening would help? That way those that don't usually use the service may feel more inclined if they feel more involved?

10-07-2010, 08:35 AM
We have a drop in once a month but rarely go. Any other time you have to book to go in so can't always guarantee a place and I don't like disappointing the children so have found other place to go.

As for support not one bit comes from the cc maybe we are lucky with our early years team as they provide most of our training etc :thumbsup:

10-07-2010, 09:18 AM
I actually dont go to the one in my local town but DO go to the network in the next village .

As far as cm's supporting each other or surestart that doesnt happen in my village you are seen as competition and it's very clicky .

carol cameron
10-07-2010, 02:55 PM
Sadly, my experience of linking into the local children's centre has not been brilliant. Initially our local childminders group were allowed to use a fabulous creche room for one morning session a week but when the nursery within the centre wanted the room we were asked to leave. In fairness the children's centre has paid the rent for us to use the local community centre once a week instead -but we have had to ask for this the last two years, never knowing whether it would be forthcoming until we were two months in rent arrears. For around £400 for the year we provide statistics of adults and children attending which means they get to tick their boxes of working with childminders. We have NEVER been invited to participate in any training or advertise as childminders within the CC. Both of these were promised when they opened as well.However on the plus side we were able to access an Inspiration Grant of £750 which paid for two trips during the holidays so that was great too.The general feeling within the group is that we are not considered as fellow professionals but childminders can join in with sessions if they want and there are spaces.

10-07-2010, 03:39 PM
I run the Cm group at our local CC.... the minders that come wanted to use it for continuing prof. dev as they already go to stay and plays and toddler groups through the week and didn't want another group of the same format. We're working through the EYFS one section at a time, not in order but as minders express their needs for development or interests, doing it with an action plan to make at the end so there is and evlauative paper trail for them to have as evidence of their CPD, reflective practice and evlautaion of improvements. there are aren't many members at the moment but more than there were when the CC ran it themselves.... advertising the group is a problem as many Cm's don't really want to come to the CC and EY won't promote the group for us!