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07-07-2010, 10:10 PM
Does anyone have a mindee who can only have soya/rice milk? My 2 year old mindee is lactose and soya intolerant so rice milk is what he has. His mum provides the rice milk cartons. His parents have tried all the different lactose free milks without success.

So out of curiosity I contacted the Nursery Milk Scheme and they confirmed that lactose free milk is not reimbursed under the scheme.

I then contacted the Scheme Manager of the School Milk Subsidy Scheme in Exeter and she confirmed that its only lactose-free cow, sheep or goat milk that can be claimed under the EU subsidy – 3 pence per 189ml serving! Soya and rice milk are NOT eligible.

So where does it leave the under 5s who can only have soya/rice milk? It seems very unfair and I feel that I need to try and bring this to someone’s attention. I have no idea where to start so your thoughts and comments would be most appreciated!

Nina :)

blue bear
08-07-2010, 06:02 AM
I have never claimed for milk, but when my son was in reception and should have had free milk I had to supply his soya milk, never even questioned it, it was the same when cooking I'd send in dairy free butter etc. to the pre-school.

One of my mndees is currently on dairy free milk, mum supplies her milk to pre-school.

wonder if it is excluded because dairy free milk is available on prescription?