View Full Version : Bit concerned over LO's diet

23-06-2010, 11:28 AM
I switched to parents providing lunch and the expected thing has happened! LO comes with frankfurters (cut up straight out of the pack) everyday and sometimes it says in the diary that she's had them for breakfast too :eek:

I know this is one of the problems with asking parents to provide lunch and I also don't want to preach to people what their children should eat but I think she's having far too much processed food for a 20 month old. There's never any fruit or veg unless it's a banana or anything else that can be thrown in without any prep. I'm just glad that I provide snacks and evening meal so the poor little mite gets some decent food.

Would any of you politely ask the parents not to put frankfurters in every day or should I just leave it?

23-06-2010, 11:51 AM
How about planning a healthy eating theme for the whole setting and you can then send home healthy information sheets about foods and packed lunch ideas.
you could do a little snack diary saying today I tried and I really liked: pineapple, hummous, etc etc

that way you aren't preaching you are gently 'educating':D
from there you could have a brainwave and work up a healthy eating policy which you would then send home with parents saying this is a whole setting policy and you would appreciate it if parents could follow it

are you following my train of devious thought?????:D

The Juggler
23-06-2010, 01:15 PM
I would have a packed lunch policy, stating what constitutes a healthy lunchbox and what you will and will not accept in them.

Tell them you've been on a course, are all motivated and have written the new policy to help guide parents and ensure all children have similar lunches and a healthy balance.;)