View Full Version : An alternative use for beads

miss mopple
11-06-2010, 10:27 AM
Just have DD2 here at the minute (well, mindee sleeping) and she was looking bored so I suggested she make a necklace with the beads. She jumped at it, threaded 4 beads on (which spelt her name :clapping: ) and has since spnt 1.5hrs playing with the rest of the beads. We tipped them into a garden tray and she has got the dolls house people out and is having a right old game with them. Have never seen her so engrossed! Shame shes my own as I could have done some great obs if she was a mindee :laughing:

11-06-2010, 12:27 PM
:thumbsup: cool! glad she is enjoying it!

i must admit i didn have a naughty giggle to myself when i thought of a different use for "beads" tee hee :happy banana: :ROFL1: