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09-06-2010, 09:06 PM
The hygiene in our setting as any other setting is very good. My daughter and I work along side in our setting and we ensure the children wash their hands before eating and toilet times etc. We dettox the toys each week and flash down with actibactial spray at the end of each day. But the hygiene of a family we childmind for of three children of this family the hygiene is something to be desired! The little girl who is 19 months is always coming down with some sort of bug, then trasmitted to her siblings. A few weeks ago the little girl had a sickness bug, the parents were advised by the doctor to take her to hospital which they ignored. After a few days she was rushed into hospital with gastritis. Now she has got Conjunctivitis! it started last week we applied the drops and washed hands child and ourselves. On Friday she was looking a lot better, then on Monday she came back after the weekend and now all three children have it. This morning Mum said she would apply cream to the eldest child before going to school. She put some cream onto her finger and applied it to her sons eye, then went out the door. What she did left us flabbergasted she did not wash her hands before or after. We have printed info about hygiene but it doesnt seem to help. What more can we do????????????? :angry:

09-06-2010, 09:10 PM
make sure you document everything down , and have everything you do for her in writing and signed :thumbsup:

sounds like neglect to me:angry: