View Full Version : Toddler not feeding himself again

08-06-2010, 02:21 PM
Just after a few opinions really. I look after a 22 month old little boy. He is a non talker and a pretty lazy eater - mum freely admits he is mostly spoon fed at home as it is quicker and cleaner. Last half term I spoke to mum about chewing and speech muscle development and she started providing more chewable foods instead of the usual soup and purees. It took a few weeks but he started to make more effort with feeding himself and was chewing and trying to use a spoon or fork to feed himself.

Today(first day back after half term) he has made no effort to feed himself at all. He sat and looked at his lunch, as soon as I picked the spoon up he opened his mouth, but would not hold the spoon himself. I gave him a sandwich which he would not even pick up. He did pick up some little bits of banana, but the second one he put in his mouth made him gag - and he refused to try any more.

I do not really want to start spoon feeding him again, but am concerned that he has not eaten all day. He is now asleep - when he wakes up I will offer him another sandwich, but if he still refuses food, would you give in and spoon feed? I get the feeling he has spent the week at home being spoon fed again and is more than happy to go back to his old lazy feeding habits?

08-06-2010, 02:36 PM
It's such a pain when they are like this, must have had 50 little ones just the same over the years.

Keep with it, he won't starve himself it's just a control issue a lot a "lazy" children have this as a trait and it's just a simple way for them to assert themselves.