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08-06-2010, 12:27 PM
What would you do?

Today was the first time it happened at my house but i know he has been doing it at home quite a lot. At home he has lots of soft toys in his home cot so uses them to climb on. Here, the cot is empty except for him, his dummy and a blanket but still he managed to climb out... twice!!!!

We have discussed moving him to a bed both here and at home but everytime i have tried here he just gets out wanders around and disturbs the other children...

I am worried he will hurt himself more than anything!!! So, short of me sitting in the room and watching his every move (which i really don't want to do as again, it will disturb other children) What would you do??

Thanks xx

PS: he will be two at the end of July

08-06-2010, 12:46 PM
Have a chat with his parents and explain the effects it is having on the other children (not getting their sleep, so tired and grumpy etc) and see if you can let him have his nap in a pushchair. Maybe he is starting to show signs of not wanting/needing an afternoon nap.

I hate that transition period where children stop having their afternoon nap LOL! just when you've got used to having a break with a cuppa and a sneaky choccy biscuit :rolleyes:

08-06-2010, 01:31 PM
I have twin mindees aged 2 past in April and they do this quite a lot recently. At home they are in beds and mum never goes near them when they climb out of these - eventually they have got the message and do go down to sleep at night time. Here I haven't the room for 2 beds and don't want the hassle to be honest - cots you can assemble and put away at the end of the day!

I never say a word - know they are out by the monitor and just go in and place them back in the cots - sometimes it is a case of one climbing into the other ones cots and I have gone in after nap to find them both in the one cot. Other times they wander around the room but I just say nothing and put them back in - after about 3 attempts they realise and get fed up.

My only problem is sometimes I spend half an hour getting them to go over to sleep for them to waken just 3/4 hour later again! If only they would do the same at home and sleep for 2/3 hours every day! I think it is being in a new environment and with different company they are scared they will miss something!

09-06-2010, 06:41 AM
I have had a chat with the mum and she said "Oh i'm sorry, what a monkey and yes, i really must get him a bed"!!! Grrr!!! Other than this she is a really great parent, easy to talk to, understands he can be a monkey (just doesnt know how to deal with it!), always pays on time...!

If i thought he was ready NOT to nap then i would cut his nap out but this is something me, mum and my partner (when at home) agree on, he is def not ready to give up the naps-he gets violent when tired, refuses to eat his tea, delibertaly ignoring and throwing toys :( Plus, once he is asleep he can sleep for up to 2hours!

Thanks for responses so far xx

09-06-2010, 06:49 AM
I have one mindee that will only sleep in a laying-flat pushchair (with parents permission) and the other that will only sleep on the sofa - where i never leave her side but again even parents say she never moves in her sleep and she is slightly older.

09-06-2010, 10:32 AM
I would suggest maybe trying a ready bed or something like that and teaching him to stay in it. Once a child has begun to climb out of his cot/travel cot then it is no longer safe or appropriate for him - he could get badly and I can't imagine your insurance would pay out for any damages so you would be liable for any costs yourself. Insurance probably won't pay out because you have spoken to mum about him doing this and so are very aware of the risks he is creating, and if you continue to put him in the cot then you are not taking measures to minimise the risks to the child. Also I would think OFSTED would not be happy to hear about it if the child does incur an injury because of his climbing out and your failure to prevent it.
I had a little climber recently too, only she slept in a push chair, she managed to unclip the pushchair, and tip it over whilst climbing out - grrr. She NEEDED to nap still too or she was a nightmare. I ended up having to train her to lie down and nap by herself - not much fun while it was happening but great once she adapted :)