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08-06-2010, 11:20 AM
As it says, I'm getting so frustated with a 2 yr old I have, I do my best to do healthy nutritous(sorry spelling) meals every lunch time. The 2 yr old just looks at it and doesn't even attempt to eat anything, won't even hold the spoon or fork the only thing he eats is fish finger's (which we have very rarely) which he uses his finger's. I've had him since Feb and have him 3 times a week, and try in vain I'm just not getting anywhere.

I tell mum he hasn't had anything to eat, but to be honest don't think she's that bothered, his bag is always full of crisps, biscuits and also I've noticed jars of baby food:angry: and she always mentions most days she's popping to asda to get his favourite waffles (with added sweetcorn) and nuggets (with added peas) so he can get his veg intake.

Not sure what else to do, I just feel as though I'm throwing away decent food every day:(

08-06-2010, 12:08 PM
Keep trying :)

could you possibly do a packed lunch and let the child to help make the sandwiches, wraps, veg and dips ect.
Maybe if they are involved in the making and choosing then they will eat more.My DD loves a packet luch with lots of tubs of things.
she has a sandwich or wrap, we chop fresh fruit or put some tinned fruit in a small tub, slices of pepper/cucumber in a tub even the small cupcake we've made or cookie haas it's own individual tub.I also make up sugar free jely and you've guessed it use a small tub.
If I packed a lunch with a piece of fruit or a biscuit in a wrapper or put a sandwhich in a freezer bag, often they would go un eaten.Kids can be sooo fussy as you are finding.

08-06-2010, 12:23 PM
m having the exact same problem and yes it is so frustrating!! She will eat breakfast and light tea but just not dinner !!

Denise D
08-06-2010, 12:33 PM
I feel for you. It is so frustrating to see food get wasted when little ones are being picky. It also sounds like his mum is indifferent. Even if she does not get on board with the healthy eating, children quickly learn what they can and can't get away with in different settings.

Is the child allowed to eat the crisps or whatever is in the bag at any time? Do you have snacks at regular times each day? For me, what has worked best for picky eaters is to offer healthy food at each meal or snack and not make a fuss if they don't eat. Mine all know that if they don't eat anything, they will have to wait until the next meal or snack time.