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Jelly Baby
28-05-2010, 06:21 PM
Hadn't seen this bit before i dont think and just noticed lots of threads on paying assistants, my hubby is mine and only helps out as and when like sitting with the kids while i nip to the car or does the occasional emergency school run so i dont pay him lol! Anyway sorry on a tangent..I was just wondering what yours did for first aid as dh is first aid trained but was before he became my assisitant so when he gets his renewed does he have to pay for it or is it funded like mine?

28-05-2010, 06:22 PM
Yes he must have paediatric first aid to be left alone with the children. You are lucky to have yours funded - our county council has stopped funding us for first aid as of April this year :angry: So my DH has had to pay for his first aid training.

29-05-2010, 11:23 AM
Our fist aid is part funded, we pay £15 each, this includes assistants, check with your local early years team.

Tam's Tribe
29-05-2010, 12:58 PM
My hubby and mother-in-law are going to be registered as my assistants (they are already CRB checked, all funded) and in June will be doing the Paedeatric (sp) First Aid Course which is also funded so we dont have to pay anything . . . in our area, we are lucky as there is alot of support and funding . . . long may it continue!!

Good Luck!

29-05-2010, 02:16 PM
i work with best friend and have jsut had to pay for mine forthefirst time ever! £25. They said budget cuts meant this and food hygiene courses had to be paid for now. If we didnt do them though we couldnt look after the little uns so think its a bit mean really. thats just my opinion. but on the positive its only every 3yrs:)

02-06-2010, 09:07 PM
i had to pay for mine and my husband in september £55 each!!!!

Jelly Baby
08-06-2010, 08:23 PM
Thanks for the replies..just realised i have done a duplicate post doh!! sorry mods can you remove one please!