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28-05-2010, 02:09 PM
sorry, this may be a bit long.... i gave childminding a break from feb last year as one of my daughters became a single mum while living at home, we had a lot going on and something had to give. anyway i had two nanny jobs lined up for january, one in the mornings just taking a little boy to nursery and one four afternoons per week looking after two children i had previously minded/babysat for. in november i started getting neurological problems, numbness/tingling/weakness/weird sensations. brain scan came back clear but cervical/thorasic mri showed a single lesion at c6/7 which was giving me the problems. the upshot is that it could be a one off, of which i am still recovering - totally mobile etc., just a few funny sensations and a bit of leg tiredness when climbing stairs, or if i get another 'episode' it will be multiple sclerosis, they have said i have a 40% chance of developing it. neuro has given me the ok to work/drive as it may never happen again. does anyone else have a similar situation, physically i am ok to work, emotionally i need to, but it doesn't sit comfortably with me. i ran it by the gp who said it was very unlikely that anything would happen where i would not be able to get to a phone to get help - but what if i was out with a toddler? much as i love this work i can't take the risk can i/but it could be a one off, any suggestions please would be appreciated. (i had to let the two job for january go as they did not know what was wrong at first). thank you

28-05-2010, 03:06 PM
I do know a childminder who works with ms, and she has had it for years and is taking medication. She is a very determined lady and copes very well, caring for a full quota of children. I am sure that you will be fine, she is, but she has a strong state of mind and a determination not to be beaten by it, she does have episodes but she gets by.

Hope all is okay with you and it is not ms, but I am sure so much can be done these days if it turns out to be. My friend definitely has a life worth living.

Chin up and keep going the more positive you are I am sure will help.

28-05-2010, 03:55 PM
i dont have ms but i have a significant neural deficit down one side. I broke my neck 8 years ago and ended up with spinal surgery. i lost my job in nursing cos they said i couldnt do the job...ie lift patients.

When i applied to be a childminder my GP had to give a little more info about my meds and my weakness down oneside. My weakness is mainly in my leg on the left and sometimes in my left hand. This is only when i am not concentrating or i am tired. Ofsted okd it all.

i bet you will be just fine..

mandy xxxxxx

28-05-2010, 06:05 PM
thank you for both of your replies, i have a smile on my face now that i know i should still be able to carry on doing the job i love. does your friend have to do any extra risk assessments in case she had an episode that came on quickly and she needed help urgently? hopefully this is not something that would happen, but i suppose we have to think of every eventuality.
thank you again

28-05-2010, 08:41 PM
My friend has no other risk assessments related to her ms, she would invoke the back up childminders/parents collect type procedure I am sure if she needed help, I am only a few mins around the corner from her and we work in close proximity to a least two other childminders, more for our companionship and support.

Do you have other childminders that you are friends with that you could call on, personally i dont think it is any different to any other need for back up, like I used back up in an emergency when my son had a serious accident when we were out, my friends knew my children and helped with parental support etc.

My friend (the one with ms) was also quick in getting to me to support when i phoned her to say my mil had just died.

I dont think her ms episodes render her incapable just that they are painful, but not so that she can not do bits, but just that it is more hardwork/painful etc but she could put in place her back up plans and therefore doesnt have special risk assessments.

I think if you have back up plans and childminding friends that can help and are aware etc then you will be fine and the more you worry about it the more you will make it worse.

28-05-2010, 10:12 PM
thank you for your reply. now i know it is possible and others with a definite diagnosis can mind i feel i can move forward.
i appreciate your help
thank you x

28-05-2010, 10:18 PM
Izzy you must be very worried about the future, but I have found Ofsted to be most understanding about things like illness.

The most important thing is to keep them informed... tell them what is happening at every stage and if they want you to have a health check or they ask for extra information, then let them do what needs to be done.

They, like you, have the welfare of the children at heart and they, like you, want to be sure you can do your job effectively.

I am sure all will be fine! You sound like a strong woman and an excellent childminder - you wouldn't be so concerned if you weren't!!

I hope all goes well for you xx

29-05-2010, 10:01 AM
sarah, thank you for your reply - i am so pleased to have possitive answers to my question, makes me feel more possitive at a time where i do have sad moments.
thank you all very much
izzy x