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24-05-2010, 08:05 PM
im trying to put a whole pack together to give to the parents before i take on their child.
i have a cd with policy and procedures on
permission forms
about me record
information on my setting

is there anything else ... will do the contract with them together, just really want to get a few packs together so they are ready

24-05-2010, 08:32 PM
My Parent Information pack includes;

* A brief outline on myself, my background, my qualifications, my family, my contact details etc.
* My mission statement
* Hours of work & Fees (includes types of payments excepted, settling in period, sickess policy, termination of contract)
* House rules
* A typical day at my setting
* Activities & daily diaries
* Copy of my long term planning for that year
* Information for parents about EYFS
* A list of all my policies & prcedures (they are given in full to the parents when signing contracts)
* Healthy Packed Lunch ideas (I don't provide meals)
* Who supplies what sheet (nappies, sun block etc)
* Useful telephone numbers (Ofsted, NCMA, CFIC)
* Equal Opportunity policy
* Safeguarding Children Policy
* Complaints policy & procedure

I hope that helps

24-05-2010, 08:50 PM
that is fabulous thank you .... trying to get everything sorted by the weekend so i can leave it with the parents while im away next week :)