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21-05-2010, 05:14 PM
Hi There

I have a question for you. I am semi detached at the end of the road, and my fence between myself and my attached neighbours garden is between 4.5-5ft. Please can you tell me if this will pose a problem with inspections? Will I by law need to provide 6ft fences the whole way around (my neighbours have a dog and a pond!)



21-05-2010, 05:33 PM
there is no ofsted requirement for certain height fences. they just need to be safe, good repair etc

can and does the dog jump the fence into your garden - if yes consider a bit of trellis, could the kids jump the fence to access the pond - if yes consider a bit of trellis.
I am guessing its a no though.

One side of me they have a dog and two large water butts, the other side of me they have a large pond - uncovered. With the neighbour with the dog - we even have a gate that goes through to their garden. Our fences - MY dog jumps the fence and tries to eat the neighbours fish!!! My fences are 4ft. Ofsted have never said a word

Jelly Baby
23-05-2010, 06:14 PM
HI we live in a newish house (3 yrs old) and one side of our fence is about 4 foot high. Funnily enough today we have bought some extra fence to attach to it as feel we are always looking into next door and vice versa! BUT ofsted have never said a word so i wouldn't worry unless the kids are posing a prob of trying to jump over?!