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20-05-2010, 08:22 AM
Right, here we go, I have posted concerns before about a lo. I look after a couple of hours a day, 3 days a week, whom i've had a couple of months, after the first couple of weeks, I felt something wasn't quite right.

He hasn't arried yet, so I thought i'd do this post. The lo is 2 yrs old, and I think he's showing autistic tendancies, but mum doesn't seem to think that there's anything wrong (There always seems to be an excuse for any of this actions, behaviour etc):( Obviously I'm no expert, but I do have a friend who's son is going through tests re: ASD, and I've been on Autism Awareness course, so I have a basic idea what some of the symptoms could be. I'm going to list all the little things he does/doesn't do, I understand some children do do some of the things that he does, but I'm putting all of these so called symptoms together iyswim, so I'd like one of you lovely cm's to see what you think:

Doesn't talk yet, just babbles and squeals really high pitched squeals.

Doesn't intertact of acknowledge any of the other children around him.

Don't think I've ever seen him laugh or smile, if he has on the odd occasion laugh it's been quite out of the blue for no apparent reason, say in the back of the car?!

Will stack of line up any toy, ie jigsaw pieces, books, shoes, play food or anthing he's in contact with, doesn't play with any of the toys, just tends to line them up or throw things - I know children do this, but usually with cars, trains, blocks etc.

Grinds his teeth constantly.

Makes a funny groaning noise everytime he eats, he still can't feed himself, just looks at the food, or fingers in it, but it never goes to his mouth.

Won't touch anything, ie: sand, pasta, water, playdough, paint, won't hold anything it paintbrushes, food, so I find it quite hard to get him to join in with craft work or messy play.

Outside play, he just runs up and down the drive, squealing, he won't go on any toys, ie bikes, if i've helped him onto one, he goes all stiff and starts screaming. He will however, go on the little tikes rocker I have, constantly, repetively you could say.

Quirky little things he does, comes up to the other children, nose to nose and just looks at them (other lo's don't really like this) although my ds put his arms round him yesterday and said argh **** cuddles, bless him. Lift's their trousers/shorts up and touches mindees legs.

Some times when I have him, he just doesn't move from one spot.

Everytime mum comes to pick him up, he just seems to 'kick off', he'll be sitting with me, (majority of the time with me showing him toys or playing with them) then he'll just start head butting the floor, or throwing himself around the room, or running round squealing, she always says 'oh he's tired' yesterday it was 'oh cos you've stopped playing with him'.

He his hit, pulled hair and bitten other mindees, including my ds. When I have raised my voice to him and told him it's wrong, he just seems so blank, and no emotion at all. If I raise my voice at the other little mindees, they look in shock, or we have tears becuase they know they have done something wrong (That last sentence makes me sound like an ogre - I'm not really :littleangel: )


I try to do as much as I can with him, but don't seem to be getting anywhere, we go on outings as much as I can, quite hard when I only have a few hrs a day, but he doesn't seem to enjoy anything, going to see little farm animals, tractors, there usually would be some response from a 2 year old - but nothing.

As mum is new to the area, I asked her if she'd seen the local HV, she said not, so I thought maybe if she sees the HV, something may be picked up. I just said, it could be his hearing with him not talking yet, because I can't really say 'I think your child has ASD' can I, so I gave her HV's number. Well HV has been round and they are sending him for a hearing test. I feel that his hearing is fine, as he hears me perfectly fine, my dd had hearing problems.

Is it my responsibility to do something, or do I just look after him when I have him and do nothing, which I feel a bit guilty about really. Do I wait and see if the HV does anymore, he will be having his 2 yr and 3 month check soon. You see if mum hasn't been around other children, and he is their first child, mum and dad maybe know no different.

LO did previously go to a nursery before me, and mum just said they weren't happy with it, so that's why he came to me.

Anyway, what to do now, it's not me is it, looking at the things above would you feel something is not quite right, or could this just be a lo who is just delayed, and i'm making a mountain of a mole hill.

I'd really like a few words of wisdom from one of you experienced people, I've been cm'g for just over 12 months, so not been doing it long. Well I'm going to have to go know, as I need to get ready form him, thank you for letting me go on a bit, but just needed to get if off my chest.


Mum doesn't seem to have any family around here, only a few member's of her husbands family, so I'm not sure whether she has anyone close to talk to

20-05-2010, 09:14 AM
he sounds like a real cutie,bless him

she souns like she needs someone to confide in too, perhaps you could be the one, although its good to keep personal and work seperate

my stepson has aspergers, and some of what you mentioned sounds a bit like him, no interest in lots of thing and almost obsessive with other things
its such a wide scale but all so similar you are right not to say anything that you think it may be

perhapps you could suggest something else to her you would like to try like Makaton for communicating, unles you already do but its something you could say you are showing all the children so its not just him being pinpointed so to speak
it would be good for them all if they could then understand him too

he is still only 2 though x x