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19-05-2010, 08:31 AM
Hi all, i recently found out im pregnant and worried about what im going to do about maternity leave. I think im going to have to have a planned c-section (i had an emergancy one with my son 2 years ago) so cant do anything for 6 weeks. But then i'd like a little more time off than 6 weeks anyway. I was thinking of working up till xmas which will be about 3 weeks before baby arrives and then be off until after the easter holidays.

So i was thinking, what if i employ a assistant to start just before i stop working (so they get to know kids and routine etc) and they cover the maternity leave. Obviously i would state that when adverising, i dont want someone thinking its a permenant job when it will be for 4 months. But can assistants be left alone? Can they do the school runs? Basically do the job i do know, just with me not around? I will be in the house too, but not all the time.

Any advice would be great. Think if this plan doesnt work then my parents will have to use the local nursery (although im hoping they will come back after!)

19-05-2010, 11:03 AM
I think to be left alone they need the first aid. I rang ofsted recently about my sister becoming an assistant and they said she couldn't be left alone with the children unless she has a first aid cert and I said she had one already. She has also done the DHC course as well so she is a qualified childminder just not registered with ofsted. May be worth giving ofsted a ring for advice they were helpful when I rang them. Good luck with rest of your pregnancy.

19-05-2010, 11:24 AM
Apart from the legal side, as to an assistant being left alone with Mindees, I think you also need to think about how it will still impact on you and the new baby.

Will having the assistant and all the mindees still in your house for 9+ hrs a day allow you enough time and space to recover from the birth and catch up on sleep.
Will the noise disturb the baby, will you be able to rest and not get involved?

How will the mindees feel seeing you and the new baby but you not joining in.

Lots to think about. :thumbsup:

19-05-2010, 11:39 AM
What about the first few days when you are in hospital?

Your assistant wouldn't be able to work then as you would not e on the premises.

Also research how it would affect your maternity allowance benefits.