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Daddy Day Care
09-05-2010, 07:59 PM
G'evnin Ladies and gents

I did the above mentioned course over 5 saturdays between janrurary and March. On completion of the course your given 8 weeks to complete all the homework tasks and the learning log.

Well being a well orgnaised man ive just relasied ive got to have it to them by Saturday, so i really need to get it posted Tuesday morning at the latest.

The Homework isnt a problem and thats almost completed just having some difficulties with the learning log, im really not sure im doing it right at all. On the course she did ask if anyone needed help but everybody confidently said they knew what they was donig so I stupidly kept quiet.

Has anyone in Northamptonshire done this recently? can anyone give me a bit of guidance? maybe e-mail me one page just to make sure ive got the hang of things?



09-05-2010, 08:07 PM
Mine was passed. I really didn't think I'd done enough but the comments were positive when it came back.

There is such a small gap to write in that you really can't sum up the whole of each session. Mine was brief but she said it showed a good understanding of how to put what I'd learned into practise.

If you are struggling on any particular bit then post it and I will try to help.

Daddy Day Care
09-05-2010, 08:28 PM
Thanks chell ill send you a pom shortly


Daddy Day Care
10-05-2010, 10:31 AM
lol @ pom sorry meant pm

10-05-2010, 12:48 PM
I can't find my learning log. :eek: I'll post here rather than in PM then someone else might come along to add something/help.

Box 1 - What are your own Key Areas of learning this theme?

'In this box i seem to remember her saying you put the learning outcome from the workbooks we were issued. So thats what ive done, not even sure if thats right but i do have a spare log so can start over.

So the first page is Module 1 Princicples, values and legislation and in the first box ive put the 3 learning out comes

1 - Know about important legislation and policy relating to children, young people + families and where youcan get further information.

2 - Be able to explain how your work relates to the five key outcomes of every child matters.

3 - Show how you promote the principles and values essential for work with children, young people and families.

No idea if thats right but thats what ive put lol its the next two boxes im really not sure what your suppose to put.

box 2 - explain how this module is relevant to your role.

box 3 - How will you apply your learning and understanding in starting, changing or extending your practice.'

For the first section I would add a sentence to sum up each of your three points just to show you have some understanding rather than copying from the book. For example the first bit was about legislation, I'd list the main Acts/Policies we were told about. Likewise for the second, what are the five outcomes of the ECM?

In the second box for each page of the log I seemed to be saying, 'in my role as a childminder.....' The first few weeks of the course were for people from playgroups, childminders, nurseries, etc. You need to say in which bits were relevant to you as a CM. How can you ensure you meet the ECM outcomes for instance? The space to write is very small so you can't cover everything. I just picked out key points that stood out for me from each days training.

Part 3, For example, was that the week we learned about diversity? You could mention that you are a newly registered child minder therefore building up the resources that you have. You could mention what you feel you need to purchase for your setting or how you'll add foods from other countries to your menu, etc.

I'm really struggling to what remember what we covered in that section so probably haven't helped!

Daddy Day Care
10-05-2010, 03:24 PM
you have helped loads thank you, just glad i have another log book to start over, but geez ive got a lot to do tonight and i have a kiddy here till 8.30!!!!

I thoguht it was stupid copying from the book but could of sworn thats what she said, i really must pay more attention :(


10-05-2010, 04:13 PM
Once you've done a couple it will be much easier, you kind of get into the flow of asking the same questions. I did mine each week before the next session (swat :p ) and it did take me a while - sorry! Mind you, I did mine while posting on the internet and watching Corrie. I'd have been quicker if I concetrated without getting distracted.

It's a small world
11-05-2010, 05:54 PM
You may find alot repeats itself. I did some of mine during the breaks as being shy didn't mingle too well and most of the people on my courses were with friends so I was a bit of a Billy no mates :blush:

Daddy Day Care
13-05-2010, 08:45 PM
Im sick to death of this frigging log, was hoping to take it today but didnt get it done, was hoping wife would take it tomorrow but its still not done, so shes gunna ahve to take it saturday morning, the day its due.

Just gotta do theme 2 now and to be honest i was confused when we done this let alone now weeks later. Soon as the name Vygotsky got mentioned my brain turned off :blush:

Im even thinking about quiting childminding just so i dont have to finish it :laughing: :laughing:



14-05-2010, 07:33 AM
DDC dont know how much help this is as not sure of the document you are completing - but when applying vygotsky to cm situations it is as simple as building a relationship with the child as this social interaction is needed before 'learning' can take place - they need to do things within a social context ( within a strong relationship with you for example) before they can function independently - and they learn from MKOs who can be anyone from yourself , parents , telly , other children in your setting.... It all links into eyfs as psed - you can show you do this through your settling in policy for example. Does any of that help? probably not!!:laughing:

25-06-2010, 03:17 PM
Hi, im glad im not the only one!!!
am trying to just get rid of mine as its driving me nuts!!
but im confused what to put in th boxes. dont know if im on the right wave length and the thought of them not accepting it is getting to me! im sure im making too big a deal of it but got myself worked up now!!
what i learnt is not too bad as going through the packs picking out main points. the how it applies and what ill do in my setting bits im getting all wrong!
any more pointers gratefully recieved..
one stressed mummy!!

25-06-2010, 09:53 PM
I was worried that I wasn't putting down enough. We were given so much information in each session that it was difficult to narrow it down enough to fit into the three sections.

I don't think they are expecting a lot of writing/information. You just need to summarize really. Write down the key points for the first question on each section then in the next one say how it is relevant to childminders in general then in the last one how does it apply to you personally.

Remember to hand in the other homework too. I know someone who didn't send those so it wasn't signed off.

26-06-2010, 10:06 AM
ive got a sheet where we had to write about piaget, what was the other homework?
have really cracked on with it last night and only a few bits to look up that i dont remember covering...diclemente? and integrated working
will be glad to get it posted, set myself the target of posting it monday!
just noticed theres no address on it!!! does it go to brittania house? do you have a full address? sorry i sound really dense but i did the training while heavily pregnant with number two and we moved house! everythings been a wirl wind since!!