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27-04-2010, 06:58 PM
Hi everyone, I have finally had an enquiry that I can actually do :clapping:
I have got a few questions I need help with please :blush:

The enquiry is to start mid/end September 3 full days a week..........how much would you charge as a deposit/retainer?

I charge my fulltime mindee by the hour at the minute (she was my first mindee) I am now thinking maybe I should charge sessions with new mindees???? not sure, any opinions much appreciated.

Please keep everything crossed for me really need this work.....
Thank you x x x

27-04-2010, 07:05 PM
If you've got a vacancy now then you could charge a retainer - usually half fee until the place is taken up.

If you don't have a space now you could charge a deposit - I usually charge a month's fees refundable against the first month's care if the place is taken up but if parent's change their mind I don't refund the deposit.

It really is up to you - there's no rule that says you must do one or the other.

Good luck I hope it works out for you

Miffy xx

27-04-2010, 07:19 PM
thank goodness for that!

mandy xxx

28-04-2010, 07:49 PM
I do have a place available now so it will be a retainer but I think it seems alot to be asking....... I don't want to scare her off, has anyone had any experiences of this they can share please? x

28-04-2010, 08:00 PM
not needed to do that yet...i bet someone who can help will be along soon

mandy xxxx

28-04-2010, 08:14 PM
Well done on getting another child!

I've never had to charge for a retainer.

As far as daily fee versus hourly fee, I really struggled with this when putting up my fees this year. When I lived in M'cr I charged a flat dialy rate as thats what most people charged.
I decided, in the end, to charge an increased hourly rate. And, I'm glad I did as, I have one family who would use me from 8-6, just because they pay, but wont if its by the hour IYSWIM? So, they pay for what they need and I dont work a full 8-6 just for the sake of it!

Good luck! :thumbsup: - and pass some good luck in land for September!

Rachel x

29-04-2010, 05:57 PM
Thanks everyone, just confirmed she is coming to see me on Saturday :clapping:
Arghhh need to decide about retainer pleeeeaaaaasseeee anyone any advice!!! don't want to charge too much and scare her off!!!
x x x

29-04-2010, 06:19 PM
HI :),
I'm not sure what you should do re a retainer: I'd stick with hourly fee if she wants full days anyway, making it clear the hourly fee is based on her having that number of hours as a minimum, so she can't reduce them (and the fees) later on.
i know its fine to charge a retainer, but personally I'd feel mean doing it and anyway, know I'd probably scare potential parents off, at least the ones I have experience of :).

Why not just charge her the equivalent of a full month's fees as a non-returnable deposit, then the same again for the first month's fees at commencement of contract, on the understanding that you should really be charging a 50% retainer but realise this is off-putting for such a long period of time, and if you get enquiries for the space in the meantime you will contact her first to see if she would like to pay a retainer (50%?), between now and the start date instead, less the nonrefundable deposit already paid.. or her deposit back and lose the space if she is not prepared to pay, but the other enquirer is, or wants to start straight away..

hope that makes sense, trying to write quickly!
hope it goes well, whatever you decide :)


Tippy Toes
29-04-2010, 06:24 PM
When I became registered April last year I got enquiry for children but they didnt want the space until September/October. I was the same as you didnt know what to charge but wanted to charge something.

The advice I was given was if you charge a retainer you scare them off! Anyway eventually I decided to charge a retainer fee of one third of the fees and offered the parents settling sessions equivelent to the retainer they paid.

Good luck with whatever you decide.