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23-04-2010, 09:07 PM
what would you say are the PRO's and CON's of childminding while your own children are still very young???

23-04-2010, 09:15 PM

not having to get a diferent job and pay childcare
spend more time with your children
own children are i think social more adapted through mixing with others.
easliy make new friends
leanr about different cultures and religions through a mixed balnce of friends


you very rarley get alone time with them
as they get older they may resent having other children there all the time

23-04-2010, 09:23 PM
Well I started minding when my kids were 7 months and 3 years respectively. The biggest pro is being here to take them to school/pre-school and be there to collect them AND I don't have to ask my employer for time off during school holidays/appointments etc. That was the main reason I became a childminder.

The biggest con is that I don't have 'quality' time with my kids - although I'm there for the important things I feel they have to share me an awful lot and we get a lot of attitude from my own kids occasionally as they can feel they are down on the pecking order when I'm working. Whilst I can fit in appointments etc I have to work is round specific days - I can't take my daughter for her jabs when I have 4 kids in tow! It takes some manoevering to fit things in.

If I'm honest I do find the job quite overwhelming at times but although not 'quality' time at least I get to spend time with my kids which I would not otherwise have in a 'regular' job. I do think personally that it's the big pro that makes me stay in this job when things get tough.

miss mopple
23-04-2010, 09:32 PM

Being here for my own children when it matters
Being my own boss and earning a very good wage, especially considering no childcare costs
My kids having a constant flow of playmates has helped their social skills no end
the rewards are huge when you see a child achieve and know youve helped them along


the house gets trashed
the hours can be long
it can be a strain on family life
the paperwork

23-04-2010, 09:46 PM
Manage to combine your family duties and run your business on a day work
Spend more time with your own children
Have a good wages without paying for childcare
You are never late for work...work is coming to you
You never wait for your pay day, by the time you finished to write all the invoices is time to start again
Working when you want, how long you want...

Lots of space taken by extra toys, paper, documents, cabinets, folders etc
You don't get pay for seek leave
Little kids can get little unhappy when others take them toys, books etc
You may get a sore throught after a bad day
You are never alone (sometimes not even at a toilet)
Your best clothes are full of glitter, paint and your trainers full of sand
You don't get a chance to go in bed in the same time with your darling because you are busy writting planning ,sef, observation or you reading threads on this website......not sure if this is a cons

23-04-2010, 09:47 PM
Quality time with your child rather than stuck in office and them being with someone else.
No childcare fee.
Own boss own hols own wages
Very rewarding job
Child makes friends,
Not much tax :)
Extended family.
Life long friends
Ofsted lol
Worry about loss of work,
Training lol
Your house no longer a home
Extra unpaid hours,
I could go on with both but would you change? Me never! X x I love my job.

23-04-2010, 09:58 PM
getting time with my girls
love the freedom
no childcare costs


one phonecall can change it all (but for good or bad)
having spaces (but still love my Mondays off)
own kids not getting on with mindees

I have been cming for nearly a year after working in an office forever I cant imagine ever going back to working for someone else, being your own boss is the best