View Full Version : Registering another room?

20-04-2010, 09:59 PM
How much is involved with adding another room to your registration? Would they want to come and re-inspect the whole house or just the additional room?

I'm considering adding my older dd's bedroom - at the moment I'm registered to use the whole of the ground floor and my younger dd's bedroom which is only used for sleeping children.

Part of the reason is that I mind for one of my dd's best friends - currently on a Mon & Weds 3.00 - 6.00pm but her mum asked me today if I she could come on a Tues as well from next week. My dd commented that it's not fair that her and K can't go up to her bedroom sometimes. They're both 12 years old and I can understand that they want to chat/ put make up on etc in private sometimes without little ones running around.

If I did register the room is it acceptable to allow the mindee and my dd to be upstairs in her bedroom (if mum is agreeable of course)? I wouldn't let them take the laptop up there as although I trust them I would want to supervise them when they are on the internet. I also wouldn't let younger children up there unless they are sleeping.

The other reason is if I register her room I would be able to use both bedrooms if I have 2 children requiring a nap at the same time (don't want to use my own dd's bed for mindees and can only fit 1 travel cot in the room). I would probably give this as the reason to Ofsted for registering the room (or would I need to mention a 12 year old mindee may be using the room as well?)

What are your opinions - do you think it's worth me adding the room?

21-04-2010, 09:58 AM
i would add it then you can decide whether you want to use it or not!
its relatively straight forward , ofsted will email you a form to send back with a full ra of the new room and they will decide from there whether they feel the need to come out and inspect. If your ra is very thorough then i wouldnt think they will. Im just doing one for our new garage conversion.. again only so i can put the travel cot in if i want to.