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Hayley G
16-04-2010, 08:56 PM
Panic setting in - I think I have things sussed and then I see something else that baffles me.

I am really struggling to do planning and obs. I have been minding since Jan and have only managed to do a couple of obs for each child (A4 sheet). They are all under 5 and dont want to sit down very long to do structured activities and would really apprechiate some ideas.

Also the learning learney for the baby what sort of things would you put in that?

There ages are 9 months, 23 months & 3.5 years.

How do you do your planning and how frequently do you do it?

I really need help Ofsted inspection 5th May and doubting how well I can do this!

To make matters worse I am losing 2 children in September as I was told 2 days before starting that they have moved over Christmas (out of the area):mad: :(

16-04-2010, 09:12 PM
even though 2 are leaving you .. you still need to provide evidence of EYFS 9which i am sure you know).

get out and grab 3 scrap books - i use wilkinsons cheap and chirpy.
add photos with post it notes that refer to the eyfs stages with quick next steps:

9 month baby can now sit unsupported and able to reach toys placed directly in from of him.
next step: place toys further away to enourage child to move, reach, grab, become more vocal calling out for help with sounds.

keep it simple and do a bit of back tracking, you need to aim for 1 obs a month in each of the 6 areas of development so 6 obs a month per child minimum.

for your older child use the childs speech as an obs:
child is drawing using a one handed tool and states "this is blue its a dog" etc.
next step pop to the library look for books with dogs in compare sizes and introduce counting beyond 3.

16-04-2010, 09:14 PM
this thread may help you too


17-04-2010, 11:19 AM
Great advice from Huggableshelly.
I would also highly recommend Sarah's E-books, they will set you on the right road.
Also, when I am stuck on something, I do a 'search' (at the top of the page) for the topic and then take tips from everyone on the forum. :thumbsup:

17-04-2010, 03:31 PM
Good advise from huggableshelly and toothfairy!
I too search on a topic i need help with and then as if by magic there is a thread posted that helps.

I am too looking at the planning side and keep googling sites etc to see what everyone else does but to be honest your system will be individual to you and your setting and you will find the one to suit you.

I plan to have a Long Term plan which will be list of months and topics/themes.
My medium term planning will be a monthly review and the activities and ideas for that month's topic/theme. All activities will be listed under one or more of the 6 areas of L&D using a SPIDERGRAM.
Short-term planning will be twofold:-
I am planning on doing a Continuous Provision plan and linking the provision provided daily, to the 6 areas of l&d.
The weekly plan of adult-led activities will be pulled from my medium term plan.
ALL Long term/medium term planning will be flexible to allow the child to initiate what they want to do / where to go with the activity.
Then I will do daily obs, in the main visual, and will only write things down if they are a WOW factor etc and then plan the next days activities from these ob's by either enhancing my C.P and/or putting new adult-led/adult initiated activities together for that week from the NEXT STEPS i have linked from the ob's.

Hope this is all ok as I am not yet registered (waiting for CRB bk) but trying to get prepared for when i start minding hopefully in next few weeks.......:)

Gail x

17-04-2010, 03:50 PM
ooooo forgot to say I will have Individual plans for each child following on from the ob's which will link into the enhanced C.P plans and then the Adult led/initiated activities.

Basically let the child's interests guide your planning and dont spend too much time on Long and medium term planning. They are good to have as a base for coming up with activities though.

Gail x