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20-03-2008, 04:36 PM
Hi is it possible someone could let me know what placements i could offer?

I have 3 children
{J} is 6 and in full time school 5 days a week - 9-3.30
{L} is 3 and only just starting pre-school, he will be a rising 3 so he has his 2 and half hours each day starting 12.45-3.15, come septameber I can change him to mornings [which would be 9-12.30
{p} is 7 months.

So how many children could I offer to have ?

Hoep someone has the answer :P

20-03-2008, 04:40 PM
When you have your inspection they will tell you how many children you can have. Your own children will be counted in the numbers. Hope this helps.

20-03-2008, 05:09 PM
In Wales the ratios are six children under 8 years old, of those 6, no more than 3 maybe under 5 and of those three no more than 2 maybe under 18 months. You can also provide care for 8-14 year olds as long as it does not adversely affect the care you provide for the under 8s. Your insurance will also limit the amount of children you can have. Your CSSIW inspector will have the final say so on how many you can have as it also goes on space available.

Your younger 2 will come into the under 5's age group and your eldest will be in the 5-8. If you are allowed your full quota you will have one under 5 space and 2 5-8 spaces.


amanda xx

20-03-2008, 05:43 PM
your only allowed a maxium of 6 kids (under 8) but your do know the numbers down and then the size of space avaliable to mindees will knock it down too

so basically you wont know til you have had your inspection hun

hope that helps

20-03-2008, 06:17 PM

thanks for replying,
I knew I would have to take my 3 into consderation, but I didnt think about the size of house too :blush:
hopefully when we have extension that will help too [that is of :blush:course OH gets off his backside and get in touch with builders quotes - i got mine ages ago)

thanks again

Heaven Scent
20-03-2008, 06:42 PM
If you live in a standard sized house you should be able to have the full quota it only really gets reduced for smaller properties because you have to offer a certain square footage (metres for you younger ones) so I shouldn't worry too much. I don't know any childminders who haven't got the full quota.