View Full Version : Hypothetical Question - if I were to have another baby??

10-03-2010, 10:04 AM
Hello all

Just want to check to see if anyone has ever been in a position where thay had a baby, but already had 3 under 5's in their care.

Would OFSTED really expect you to terminate the contract with one of the childminded children so that you are not over your quota? Or are you able to apply for special permission to keep the child on in your setting? Does it come down to how long they have been with you, or your last grading, etc?

It worries me that down the line if I decided to have another baby (which me and my husband would like to do), that it would affect my childminding so much.

Has anyone ever had this happen, or know what happens in a situation like this?



10-03-2010, 05:08 PM
I'll be very interested in this. At the moment I have my own Henry, who's 3, and 2 under 5's. I'm expecting a baby in July. By September, one of the under 5's will be a rising 5, but with my new little one, I'll have 6 under 8 year olds ( is this making sense!!).
I'm hoping I can keep all of them 'cos they've been with me a while, if not, one of the after schoolies will have to go!