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16-03-2008, 11:26 AM
I'm just starting out, got my intro to the icp course on thursday. How do i go about seeing if i can get a set up grant? is everyone entitled to it? and how much? This would help me out loads paying fees and sorting out bits and bobs!

Tinkerbell x :littleangel:

16-03-2008, 11:28 AM
It depends on where you live - some areas seem to have more funds than others!

Definitely a question to ask on you ICP introduction... good luck! :D

16-03-2008, 11:51 AM
thank you, will do. any helps a bonus, right!!!? :thumbsup:

16-03-2008, 01:36 PM
Where i live the money is spent on afterschool and breakfast clubs. But we do have a years membership from the NCMA, set up pack and first years public liability insurance free.
It depends on the area you live if i lived 10 miles away i would get £350 and lots of free courses

16-03-2008, 02:52 PM
I got £400, but I've heard of others getting a lot more and others a lot less. It really is the luck of the draw.:D

Pudding Girl
16-03-2008, 03:19 PM
I got nothing boohoo!

Ask at your ICP course, this is what it is partly for, they'll talk about all this kinda thing if it applies to your area. Good luck, hope you are in one of the areas who get lots of funding!

16-03-2008, 07:48 PM
Our borough doesn't give cash. Instead, I got my start-up paperwork kit (choice between NCMA and MM), first year's NCMA membership and liability insurance paid, a fire blanket, free first aid course and errrmmm...oh yes, reimbursement for anything we had to do to our homes that OFSTED decided was necassary at pre-reg visit (like I had to have safety film for low level glass and window locks).

16-03-2008, 08:20 PM
I got £240 but had to produce receipts for everything that I had bought pre- start up.

16-03-2008, 09:15 PM
Fingers crossed ey?! every penny will help but knowing my luck i won't be entitled to any help!!!