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24-02-2010, 12:52 PM
I have a 7 year old before/after school a couple of days a week mum works nights, dad dropped her off this morning and when it came time to get ready, I do her hair as usual cos Dad cant do it, I noticed that she really smells:blush:
I had to turn my head away from her, they have a dog and her school jumper was covered in dog hair and she smelt like she had been sleeping in the dog basket. I have noticed in he past that her hair is still in the same bunches that she left in the night before and I have to fix them, I dont know if dad gives her a bath or shower at night. I really dont know if its any of my business to mention it to Mum, she worries about her constantly as she doesnt have many friends. I really felt bad having to let her go to school like this

24-02-2010, 01:09 PM
Its very difficult isn't it.. hopefully someone gives some advice as im wondering what to do too.

mindee came tuesday in same top from monday and mum said - 'she has the same top on from yesterday and she slept in it too, but its not dirty'!!! :(

I feel so sorry for this little one and it gets me so infuriated sometimes i feel like saying - would you wear your top all day, go to bed in it then keep it on the whole of the next day at work!!! Not only is it smelly and unhygienic, its a little embarrassing for us minders who take them out in dirty / smelly clothes, especially as you know strangers are looking at you as though your the mum with a tribe of dirty / smelly kids... therefore automatically assume your also on benefits!!


24-02-2010, 01:24 PM
i don't know, difficult one.

how about a little mini topic on keeping healthy, eating healthy foods, brushing teeth, talking about washing each day etc. but not making this girl feel its pointed at her?

or maybe make some bathbombs - i can't remember what to use now, but i remember a few years ago blue peter or similar programme made some and we then made some, the children enjoyed it!

my DD usually goes to bed with her hair in the bunches or ponytail that she has had that day, then in the morning i re-do it. she has long hair and it gets really tangly otherwise! (if she has had it down, then it gets plaited for bedtime!)

and as for LO who arrive in dirty / too small clothes etc, i have been known to 'accidently' spill some water on them and have to put spare clothes on!;)

24-02-2010, 01:49 PM
We all have different standards and we have to respect that, if the only issue is that she smells of dogs and could do with a bath then I can't really see the problem.
My children go to a small school and there are a right mix of people and children, yes some are cleaner than others but that alone does not give me cause for concern.
If you have other concerns then thats different.

24-02-2010, 02:18 PM
Its one of the hardest things

we all have different standards, if thats the right word

I look after a 2 year old who is one of 4 girls, both parents work shifts and are obviously very hard working, they are however quite relaxed with things. If the little girl is dropped off by daddy he will sometimes say he's tried to do her hair, she has long very curly hair! that gets cotty easily, I usually play at being hairdresser with her and she loves it!

Personally I would just put it down to them being a little behind in the personal hygiene! perhaps take the dog hair off the little ones jumper, making a joke about how much she must have been cuddling their lovely dog! My old dog used to shed fur unbelievably and couldnt always keep on top of it :D