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21-02-2010, 07:33 PM
:( I've got Sarah's e-book for the SEF (Thanks!), but the more I read it and look at the guidance notes, the more I just can't answer the questions.
They just go on and on and half the time I feel that they are not relevant to me.
They keep talking about the 'vison for the future', all I can think of is doing the best for the kids in my care and not turning my home into a nursery or having loads of kids here.
It's almost as they all want us to be totaly perfect, which I'm not :(

Can I just put in those sections 'See previous notes' ?
I've spent over 15 hours on it this weekend and I'm getting tearful and my husband thinks that it's all stupid that we have to do this.
Sorry for the rant, but my whole weekend has been ruined, I'm SO fed up of sitting at the PC every single day, my own kids don't even see me anymore.

21-02-2010, 07:39 PM
It does say in some of the sections something like 'any information not written before' or something like it so don't repeat yourself, and don't worry.... i put a lot of pressure on myself to finish mine before my grading enspection then had to face facts that it wasn' going to happen so just gave the inspector what i had done (about half)... she was fine about it, it just meant that she asked to see more paperwork and asked more questions than if I'd finished the whole thing I think.... she gave me a good and encouraged me to do the EYPS and said loads of lovely things.... you are right to take it slowly... I have taken on another little one now but don't want to overload myself before i can cope and I emphasised the benefits of being a small setting for the child!

Pack it away, have a hot bath and relax.... it's not all about doing everything for the sef, it is a long process of learning and expereince and changing things as you go.... and it's definatley NOT worth ruining a weekend for!

Hugs, Jen:)

21-02-2010, 08:05 PM
I completed mine section by section or even 1 question at a time. I dont think its a document that you can do in one go.. Its far too much. Mine took me over three months but I only done little bit by little bit when I had a spare half hour or so.
I know how you feel, Im sure we all have days where we feel the paperwork is overwhelming. Just take a step back give yourself some 'you time' and have another go when you feel up to it.

21-02-2010, 08:17 PM
Yes of course you can say that you've answered things before! I do that quite a lot!

It's not supposed to be a marathon hike up a mountain, the e-book tells you lots of stuff and you pick out what is relevant to you.

If you don't do it or it's not relevant, then don't write it in!

Hth :D

21-02-2010, 08:34 PM
Thanks for all your replies, feel better now, just hope the inspector is nice :)
I've done about 6,400 words so far and I think that is enough. Going to have a nice bath with a glass of wine in a minute :D

21-02-2010, 08:55 PM
I hope it gets better for you, I have only just printed the SEF off. I find it better to work on paper copy, then I can change and type out later. I haven't actually started it and know I have to as my inspection is due around July!!! I just haven't been brave enough!!!