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21-02-2010, 01:55 PM
Hi I am just wondering if anyone with an outstanding could help me?
I have just reg and am using my lounge and outside I have a utility room but I keep the dog out there.
Has anyone got an outstanding without a room you keep your resources out all the time as I will need to set my lounge out every morning and how long had you been a childminder before you got outstanding?
Thanks for any help great site got loads of info x x

21-02-2010, 03:09 PM
I havent had my inspection yet - but i have 3 colleagues with outstanding. One got os at her first inspection , with a conservatory playroom. the second has been minding years , but again has a playroom. the third minds like me from her lounge / dining room - she has been minding years but its nice to know that a local inspector is willing to give outstanding without a playroom , and at first inspection. ( although another friend was told she couldnt get os at first inspection as she had not been minding long enough to show evidence of reflective practice !- as always it depends on your inspector!)

21-02-2010, 03:37 PM
I have never kept my resources out ALL the time. I have a cupboard upstairs with all my toys and arts and craft stuff. Other equipment is cleverly stashed away and people have often commented on the fact that you wouldn't know i was a childminder when i am not working.

I have been registered for 10 years and before the new grading of Outstanding came in i always got Good. Was awarded outstanding in Feb 09.

I wouldn't worry about your grading too much - i never really thought i would get outstanding - was happy with good. In some ways its more stressful now although it is nice to achieve the highest grade. I know loads of minders though who have a good grade and they are great minders.

21-02-2010, 06:01 PM
My conservatory is used for childminding .You would only know i have kids here by the books i have ,i never put these away ,but everything else is stored in unit which kids can access easily ,but i can hide away at night and weekends ,its a homely environment not a nursery.

21-02-2010, 08:38 PM
I have everything in my conservatory now, but when I got my o/s it was in my dining room.

It's much easier when you have the extra space but you don't need it to get o/s.