View Full Version : Do you do anything when mindees leave?

18-02-2010, 09:21 AM
I have two sisters leaving me in 3 weeks as Mum is pregnant. I've had both girls for just over a year and they have been a delight.
I was wondering if you do anything - like a gift or something for the children? It's just that I have so many photos of the girls and would like to do something nice. I thought that if I put them in an album, then this is put away and forgotten about.
Any suggestions?

18-02-2010, 09:35 AM
My CM gave my daughter a teddy bear when she left at the age of 2.8yrs old.
She still loves it. She also gave us an album of all the photos she had taken (this was before the EYFS). A lovely keepsake :)

18-02-2010, 09:58 AM
When my full time mindee left we made a big card - my own children and the other mindees all did a handprint and drew a picture of themselves which we stuck onto the card.

I also made a little photo book of all the things she had done with me - her first day; craft activities she liked; skills she'd gained whilst with me; places we'd visited; all the children and adults (she used to call my hubby Daddy Pete so he had to go in there too); her playing with her favourite toys and activities - it was about 10 pages in length but a lovely keepsake.

I also bought her a lovely fairy garden book - she loved fairies.

The funny thing is she starts back with me in September along with her new baby brother!!!