View Full Version : played puppet on a string this morn!

17-02-2010, 02:06 PM
because of me and parents juggling days this week so i could have mon and tues off it worked out that today i had a 12mnth old, and 2 16mnth olds!
i havnt got a triple buggy as not usually needed so no worries i thought i'l just stay in for once and play inside. turned out to be a gorgeous morn, blue sky and not too cold so i thought i'd attempt to walk to the local shop for some fresh air. i put the 12mnth old and 1 of the 16mnth olds in the double buggy and the other 16mnth old on reins, she has only been walking a month os so but is quite steady. or so i though! lol.

What a laugh! she had absolutlety no sense of the fact that she should walk alongside me and was off iin all directions! i held her hand and the reins but then only had one hand to push the buggy which wasnt easy. The shop is only 5 mins away but it took us 20 to get there, on the way back she decided shed had enough walking so just hung on the reins! so i ended up half carrying and half trying to balance her on the buggy handle. anyone seeing me would have thought i was a right fool.:laughing:

All asleep at mo and ive decided that we are definatley staying in this afternnoon!:D

17-02-2010, 03:04 PM
oh my sounds like hard work lol, I remember doing something similiar bout 12 mths ago, never did it again though, luckily for me we have a private park right next 2 my house, if we take the fence panel in our garden out then we are in the park its that close, not that I do that of course lol we also have a garden so outdoor play is easy :thumbsup:

17-02-2010, 06:46 PM
i certainly wouldnt like to have the three of them every day! :laughing: i would have gone out in the garden but as only one of them is walking its akward as would have hurt the little crawlers knees on the patio!