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09-02-2010, 04:54 PM
I have a lo who attends 4 days a week and has not been very well. For the past 3 weeks now when I give him lunch he is sick, and I don't mean a little bit. I told the parents they should take him to the Doctors as it had been happening frequently and I found out that he had been doing this at least for a week at home after food but was not told. The Dr said there was sickness going round and gave dioralyte. Over the weekend lo is still being sick as I found out yesterday after he threw up over me. After dad asking if he should take him to the Drs. I said I would as he wasn't right (he is chesty and mucussy aswell) and he was still being sick with me and at home. Lo has tonsilitis and came to me today, I phoned dad just after lunch as lo had true to form thrown up on me yet again and it was all of the lunch (even though I had only given him over half less than usual). I don't have lo tomorrow and am going to phone Wednesday evening to see if he is still being sick. I think it could be more than being mucussy and having tonsilitis but am not sure what to do. It's not fair on lo to keep being sick after eating and I can't keep having him when he is. What do you think I should do? Lo is only 14 months and I am at a loss as to what to do.

09-02-2010, 04:58 PM
Refuse to have him for 48 hours every time he is sick.

That may make them take him to the doctors and insist that this is not normal.

I would be really worried if he was mine.:panic:

09-02-2010, 05:39 PM
That is strange to keep been sick could he of swallowed something. Does he smell funny around his face. My lo was poorly once temp and had a really strange smell musty it is hard to explain anyway i put her down to change nappy and saw something up her nose. She had been in the bath and a piece of sponge had been breathed up her nose. Luckily I could reach it but the smell was horrid. Soon cleared up though. Allergy? How long have you had him is he small for age poor appetite etc?