View Full Version : Music for our renewing our vows

02-02-2010, 11:08 AM
Morning Eveyone

does anyone please know any nice songs i could walk into at our renewing our vows

we dont have a song that means anything to us
so i am trying to think of some nice songs

thanks alot
luv sue xxxx

02-02-2010, 11:30 AM
I got married about 5 weeks ago and walked in to Canon in D. Its a classical piece which is lovely and has many many different versions to choose from.xx

02-02-2010, 12:05 PM
Hi. I walked in to 'You're so Cool' by Hans Zimmer it's the sound track from the film True Romamnce. It worked brilliant as it starts off really soft then gathers momento then softens out again.


02-02-2010, 12:09 PM
i don't know but i would want my first dance to be "stand by me" i love that song xxxxxxxxx

02-02-2010, 12:48 PM
I walked down the aisle when i had my blessing (after we got married in Jamaica) to "a whiter shade of pale"

02-02-2010, 01:06 PM
The Guide by Borne.