View Full Version : hope no one is eating!!!!

28-01-2010, 06:55 PM
I have this mindee who is autisic and aged 6 yesterday she was chewing bluetac in my house (she took from school) then she found a bit of fluff under settee:blush: and eat that. I do feed her honest!!:D
Told dad and he said he didnt know why.

Today walking home form school i treated them all to sweets as its hers and anothe lo's birthday today anway she finished hers and then 2 mins later was seen chewing by her sister when questioned she said its was chewing gum off the FLOOR:eek: i told her to take it out and put in bin. As we arrived home i caught her picking a leaf off a nearby bush and was about to put it in her mouth.

She has never done this before and dont know what made her start. dad is at alost also.

28-01-2010, 07:00 PM
could it be a chewing habit but the autistic part of her is taking it to another level?

I have an 8 year old who just chews everything from his coat to paper.. Im constantly telling him to stop (gone passed the asking phase!!

28-01-2010, 07:00 PM
I used to mind a little girl diagnosed (since) with dyspraxia.

We found out she was eating her dressing gown (the lengths of cotton you can pull out) when dad found a bit of one popping out of her bum!

It was just something she did, she would eat all kinds of odd things. She didn't know why, just had a compunction to eat them.

Dad needs to watch her though - it could be poisonous berries next time :eek: