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julie w
27-01-2010, 09:53 PM
Hi I have a new little girl just started 3 days a week with me. She is 2 in March. Previous to coming to me she was minded by her nan. However her parents say she was allowed to run wild and do whatever she wants, hence the fact they want a childminder. That's the problem, she runs totally wild and I would really appreciate some advice on how to look after her. I popped in the kitchen for a quick drink, and within 20 seconds she'd dragged my 7 month baby out of his chair by his neck.(note to self, never leave room) She's over the stair gate and up the stairs. Every single toy is tipped out. But it really is non stop. If I'm picking up one thing she's throwing other things. She's not angry or upset, its as if she doesn't know how to play. I've tried sitting with her and playing or reading but she will not do anything or sit for more than a second.. She grunts instead of talks. (she has a beautiful smile!) Does anyone have any ideas where I can begin. Nothing seems to grab her attention at all. I used to mind her brother ,now 5, and although he was lively he spoke so well and played well. (I had him from a baby though). Her parents are lovely, but just say she's lively because of her brother. Thank you.

27-01-2010, 10:26 PM
It wont be easy but little steps and plenty of praise when she does even small good things will certainly help.
Being a childminder isnt an easy job and your new challenge will certainly challenge you. Good luck, sure others will come along with more advice soon

Carol xxx

28-01-2010, 07:39 AM
I would say treat it as a medium to long term challenge!

Tackle one thing at a time... safety first.

The stair gate has to be a no no so positive behaviour management and a firm 'feet on floor' policy with time out for reflection if necessary.

Then move on to the next thing, gently and firmly making it clear that the behaviour is not acceptable by offering other ways to do things.

We play with a toy from the toy box then put it back... we use our mouths to talk to baby, not our hands to touch (:eek: )...

Try songs and rhymes with instruments, games you play together, messy play things like that to try and engage her.

I had a little girl like this some years ago, it took about 5 months before it all clicked.

Good luck! :D

28-01-2010, 07:41 AM
Loads of praise when good,stickers,firm boundaries,routine ,will take a few months and lots of perseverance , sounds as if she is used to being in total control .Child just wants positive attention and routine.Also it will take you a few months to get used to new child and routine ,nothing is ever easy its always a challenge.

28-01-2010, 07:43 AM
Exactly as Sarah has said ,why cant i write it like that,you have a brilliant way with words Sarah