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26-01-2010, 05:20 PM
I dont do them as parents didnt want them. I have one diary where I write down what we all do and have folders for the kids with pics and comments (observations etc). I hope this is enough paperwork in regards to the kids themelves...but not sure on that either (this is scotland btw no Ofsted and EYFS)

one LO goes to nursery in the morning and her mum now wants more info of what is happening at nursery. she is fine with my info as we chat each night but as she doesnt go to nursery as it is me that takes the Lo she wants more info.
nursery said they will start a daily diary for her and I agreed to take part and also fill in what we do for the day and then to send it home to the parents.
dad then said it is too much for them to do it daily as they have long hours at work and I understand that.
so I said : why dont I do the daily diary with the nursery on a daily basis and we will send it home for you at the weekend so you can see what LO has done all throught he week. you can add comments etc etc...LO is 4 btw.
he said that was a great idea and he would rather sit down at the weekend and look through the stuff properly than rushed within the week
so I said this to the nursery this morning and the lady said : well then that is a waste of time.

ok maybe I am not an expert but I was trying to help and make sure parents get what they want and subsequently will also use and benefit from

can you pls let me know what you think about this?
I am now thinking that maybe I should have never suggested that they could have it over the weekend only...


26-01-2010, 05:27 PM
i do a daily diary and send it home each day, and some parents read it, some don't, some comment daily, some weekly, some sometimes & some never!

i would share a diary with the nursery - it will help you and them and it can go home each day with the parents, its up to them what they do with it when they have it! i'm not sure what the nursery is thinking the parents will do with it daily?

good luck!


26-01-2010, 06:36 PM
I think it's down to how much writing you have time to do and the parents / children you have just now.

Also what the parents want from you - have you asked them?

As you say it's not compulsory for you... it is good practice to share information but you can evidence that in other ways.

Hth :D

27-01-2010, 09:21 AM
One of mine has a diary and she comes 3 days a week, my other 2 parents didn't want them but it means less work for me! I tried with one but they used to read it at my front door and give it me back, the new parents I have just didn't see the point.

I like them but some days I wish I didn't have any to do and sometimes I just stick a photo in!