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11-03-2008, 03:21 PM
I have a vegaterian friend who is starting her DHC1! she is worried that her refusal to deal with meat both either cook or not (to prepare it) would be a problem when it comes to giving mindee's luch/dinner etc!!

should this be a problem???????

11-03-2008, 03:26 PM
It's not a problem with me. I have a healthy eating policy which states:

I am happy to provide all children in my care with healthy vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks, or to cook/serve food provided by their parents.

Please note: All food I provide will be vegetarian, however I am willing to reheat meat dishes if provided by parents.

Ofsted were happy with this.

I have not had one parent who wanted me to provide meat dishes and they have been happy with the food I provide.

11-03-2008, 03:44 PM
I would imagine if she was very principled then she might have to understand that some parents do want their children to eat meat... but like Marie says, she doesn't have to actually handle it, just re-heat it to comlpy with parents wishes...

She would need something in place to make sure she is reheating to 75c + and recording the temperature, in case of bacteria build-up in food not properly cooled and stored by parents. :D

13-03-2008, 11:34 AM
hi im veggie and explain to parents i prefer not to serve meat dishes but would if they really want me to, up to now no one has insisted i do . when i was inspected 3 years ago the inspector was very happy with that in fact she said a nursery had just been given an outstanding which was totally vegetarian , and she said theres less chance of food poisoning and cross contamination etc. of course you have to be sure to give a balanced diet but ive been veggie for years so have no probs really xx

13-03-2008, 12:58 PM
Well I'm veggie and so are my children so I'd be more than happy. :D My DD often tells me how she has stopped the preschool staff giving her meat, she has been doing this since she was under three!