View Full Version : All my before schoolers gone to breakfast club!

Lady Haha
26-01-2010, 10:24 AM
But I'm happy! My son is a right old grump in the morning and I have been thinking about giving up morning for a while, but couldn't bring myself to let my customers down as there is no one else to take their kids to school. But, the school are starting a breakfast club and the launch day is this Friday. I told my before schoolies parents that I completely understand that they will want to use it as it's free! There are only two parents that use me in the morning and they felt awful about it, but I would use a free club instead of me if I was them!

One of the morning mindees comes after school too and will continue to do so, so thats fine, but the other two are mornings and holidays, so now will be holidays only which is fine with me, but can I just pick your brains on a fees question?

At the moment I give parents 4 weeks holiday at half rate, but I was thinking of charging the holiday only mum full rate from now on if she takes holiday during school holiday time. Does this seem fair to you?

26-01-2010, 10:39 AM
Yes. Give her a new contract now before the main holidays start so she's got plenty of notice. Do be careful that theres not a holiday club she will send the child to instead.

Lady Haha
26-01-2010, 10:45 AM
Thanks, I'm not tooooooo worried about holiday clubs as there are plenty of them about that are cheaper than me and she's been with me for nearly three years and hasn't sent the mindees to one yet! She knows it's more fun here!!!