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25-01-2010, 07:19 AM
Hi there Everyone !

I am after some advice if possible. I currently have my own little boy (under 2 but over 18months) and a baby girl aged 1 that I looked after. I have been thinking I need to take on another child and am meeting a possible new mindee today. She is age 1 so if I take her on for 2 days of the week I will have 3 under 2. On the same days I collect 2 older kids off the school bus and have them for an hour.

My husband is great and said on the days he is home early (which is most days) he will have our little boy while I collect the girls. On the odd day he isn’t home I am a bit stuck. My boy is walking now and I literally collect the girls from the end of the road so he can walk with reins (he is new to these but likes them) , my other option is get a buggy board but will it fit on my double buggy ?

I am not sure if 3 under 2 will be too much, but the two younger ones will hopefully nap twice a day anyway and it will be more company for them all. Anyone else in the same boat ? I am getting a bit stir crazy at the moment as never seem to leave the house as the 1 year old and my boy always seem to be napping then it is lunch and collecting the girls, but another one year old won’t change this anyway.

If you are in the same boat what do you do for getting them around ?
Thanks :) x

25-01-2010, 07:45 AM
I used to have 3 children and there was only 2 weeks between all of them. My children were older and at school or playschool.To be honest I did find it tiring sometimes but also found it very rewarding and they played really well together. I did get a triple buggy for this so did manage to get out and about

25-01-2010, 07:51 AM
When I had 3 small ones I used a triple buggy - it was hard work as they got older but I didn't need it for too long so might be worth thinking about if you decide to go ahead.

Miffy xx

25-01-2010, 08:01 AM
When I first started I had my own dd who was 20mths, another girl 10 mths and a boy 14 mths, I used an umbrella fold double buggy (needed that type as it has to fit in my car) and I have a Litaf seat 2 go, this is a two tier buggy board which my dd loved as she could sit down or stand up on it. It came with loads of different attachments so it should fit most types of buggy.
Strictly speaking it's not supposed to be for children under 30mths (I think?)
so of course I wouldn't put a younger mindee on it but my dd was fine on it, she had reins aswell and if she was sitting down I would hook the strap up over the buggy handles to make it like a harness iyswim.
Once you are actually going it's very easy to push and even goes up and down steps quite well, although if they are quite deep ones I would either get my dd to walk up/down or put an arm round her to go down the bump!

25-01-2010, 10:39 AM
Thanks for the advice, I will check them all out now !