View Full Version : Registration numbers when baby no2 arrives

20-01-2010, 11:21 PM
At the moment my registration certificate says

may care for no more than 3 children under 8 years, of these no more than 2 may be in the early years age group and of these not more than 1 may be under 1 year at any one time. Plus my own 2 year old.

Presume when baby no2 arrives this will change to

may care for no more than 2 children under 8 years of these no more than 1 may be in the early years age group. Plus my own 2year old an newborn.
(so in effect i wud b able 2 care for 1 under 5 but over 1 and 1 under 8 but over 5)

If i were 2 increase my numbers 2 full registration would this increase just my number for 5 to 8yr olds - makin registration 1 under 5 and 3 over 5?? or shud i speak 2 Ofsted.

My dilema is when I return off maternity leave I will be still lookin afta a current mindee who is on a as an when basis for 4hrs a mornin which cud vary week to week.

21-01-2010, 10:21 AM
Yes you would be able to have 1 under 5years but 0 under 1 years. If you increased your numbers it would be in the over 5's as its a maximum of 6 children. 3 under 5 years and you have to take your children out of these numbers. So you are right in what you have posted.


21-01-2010, 11:16 AM
thought so, need 2 really think this thru for enquires I get from September as dont want 2 let mum of current mindee down....

Does workin with an assistant change things for under 5's in the process of registerin my mum.