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20-01-2010, 11:52 AM
Mindees mum - when I picked him up this morning she followed me out to the car, as I was strapping him in she said - oh by the way, he has a burst ear drum and is on antibiotics. I said ok.......whens he next due them etc, then she said - he won't take them for us and we were hoping you can get him started on them. I said really I shouldn't be giving him the first doses of meds, re reactions etc. Her reply was that he seems to love me so much and does loads for me that he won't do at home, perhaps I can 'convince' him.
(Will get it all signed up later tonight)
Well..... what a palaver - he wasn't having none of it I tried every trick in the book but eventually I got him to take it after about 10minutes. he was so chuffed with himself and yes i made a mega fuss of him bless his heart. Not sure how i am going to get the lunch time one into him though

He seems ok though, not complained about his ear but I do have in my books that about 6 weeks ago i kept mentioning to mum he was tugging at his ear - apparently the doctor has told her that 'I was right' and they should've taken him to the docs.
He is such a happy easy going chappie, a real delight and I really feel for him.

ALSO - just b4 xmas mum said J was potty trained - obviously her version of this is different to mine. Today she also proudly announced that he was totally out of nappies. He has weed himself 3 times in 2 hrs, mum hasn't sent any spare clothes (lucky James clothes fit him), he hasn't got the speech to tell me he needs the potty/wee - he recognises that he has weed himself but doesn't realise its happening!

I have bought the potty into the playroom and he seems scared of it and doesn't actually know what its for

Oh joy!

20-01-2010, 11:56 AM
You need to be honest about the potty training. I am potty training a lo and she never asks for potty will only go when I put her on it oh and if someone else sits on it she says she wants to go. I dont see that as trained but I am working with mum on it and she does send pull-ups and clothes. I dont think she should of put that responsibility of the antibiotics onto you (but well done for persuading him to take them) Who is going to give him his dose at home if he doesnt take them at regular intervals they wont work(im sure you know that)
That is really naughty of the parent and she never signed your paper work!

20-01-2010, 12:01 PM
She sprung it on me just as I was leaving with her son (I pick up and drop off - I didn't have the paperwork on me! it was a bit naughty of her but I don't think she realises their is paperwork to go with it

I did wonder on the drive back, who is going to dose him at home - hope they don't expect me to nip down and do it!!! lol

I will chat to her later about the potty as well, of course I'll support their efforts but I will have to put a realistic time scale on as well as the cleaning rota lol (all over the bricks one time this morning!!! clothes are in the washing machine at the moment).

20-01-2010, 12:05 PM
I tried the potty thing with her in pants to see if she was ready but she would sit and wee to some degree it is acceptable if it was every now and then but I know if I didnt ask she would have accidents all the time. It is not hygienic with other children around. The pull-ups are good.

20-01-2010, 12:05 PM
I had a parent who started sitting her child on the potty when she was under a year old. The child is still wetting now at the age of 3 but like you mum is convinced she is potty trained.