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14-01-2010, 11:38 AM
Hi Everyone,
I am due to be registered any day now (touch wood!) and I am trying to get round how to relate my planning and next steps to the EYFS and how detailed it should be.
For example making valentines card with a 2year old and a 4 year old. Could I simply say in my own language each childs interests and how I would differentiate-
2 year old likes sparkly bits so give her glitter and sequins.
4 year old loves prinitng so provide lots of printing materials.

My main problem comes with linking it to the EYFS Can I just simply say this relates to Creative development or do I then need to say it also relates to- CLL, PSE etc.

Just to complicate things further do I need to add age related statements for each child from the development matters checklist e.g
2 year old- CLL- Exploring media and materials- Create and experiment with blocks, colour aand marks.

Would this be too complicated or should I be doing this for every child and every activity? Should I be doing this for next steps also?

Sorry if you can't undertsand this! I can't understand it myself to be honest!!!!:laughing:

15-01-2010, 04:50 PM
hi when you doing your obs you need to say what you see ie child a uses right hand when shaking glitter then says look then picks up? and? do you understand what im getting at whatever happens write down dont write what you dont see. then link to c.d you can link it to c.l.l if they make marks or chatted p.d as using fine motor skills but you will find most things can be related to a few then relate as you have and add next steps.:) you dont have to do every activity. try adding a photo as well as prove

24-01-2010, 09:26 PM
Try to simplify it as much as possible.

Remember you are looking for a range of activities including eating, sleeping, songs and rhymes, outings, playing in the garden etc through the week.

Planning can come from all of those experiences as well as the activities you are going to plan for the children.

Hth :D