View Full Version : Back to work tomorrow!!!!

03-01-2010, 10:38 PM
After being off since 16th Dec!!! AND I start at 6.15am!! oh no!!! Thats gonna be a nightmare getting out of bed!!! Got a full house too 8 children between the ages of 2 and 11 so will be exhausted, still should be finished by 4.30pm so not too bad - after schoolers back tuesday! :laughing:

Just been on activity village to print few bits off for them to do - really hopng may be dry so can get to park for a few mins at least!!!

03-01-2010, 10:44 PM
I also start back tomorrow, been off since 18 dec.

We have not been getting up till 10-10.30 for 2 weeks so the 7am alarm is going to kill me tomorrow. :laughing:

03-01-2010, 11:24 PM
I am starting back with 8 tomorrow too, 7 in for breakfast and one just before I leave or pick up on way to school. Also ex-mindee popping in. Not starting till 7am though with four, one at 7.30 and two at 7.45. Last one anytime from about 8.30. Wont be finished till 6.15pm.