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28-12-2009, 03:33 PM
A parent called last night and said she would drop her children off between 9.30-10am, their normally here 9am and picked up at 3pm. This was fine. However, she hasn't turned up to pick up yet. So I think either two things have happened. Either she's assumed that by dropping off late, she can pick up late, in which case how do I put it that this is not the case? Or she is just late. I have a really good relationship with her, and want it to stay this way. Plus she is about 6 month pregnant, and the baby is coming to me, so I want to be gentle with her?

The Juggler
28-12-2009, 03:57 PM
when she comes, just say you were starting to get worried, was the traffic bad. Tell her the lo was wondering where she was. If she then tells you what you thought she assumed, just say 'it doesn't really work like that - sorry! (with a smile. Tell her you've been working since 0900 anyway with the other children so it's not like I had those other hours free. Say, not to worry, it's OK, you didn't know this time, just so you know for next time.

If she's just late, might be worth mentioning calling so you don't worry!

Good luck, tricky to get the balance right but sure she will understand.

28-12-2009, 04:02 PM
thank you for the advice.
She's just gone and I said that the lo's were worried. She said she had assumed it was OK. I smiled and said that I had plans which I'd had to rearrange. She has apologised, and everyting is OK. I think in future if someone asks to drop off late, I will make a point that the pick up time is the same as usual.
You are right though, it's important to get the balance right!