View Full Version : Finally another contract signed

26-12-2009, 05:45 PM
As i was giving up all hope of getting any mindees before baby arrived in march i get a call xmas eve asking fr 2 days a wk for 2 children, they came to see me an hour after call and signed contracts, aftersaying about to marc i realised that i worked out fees for just the one day, i text her and said would be double and apologised for the mistake but i havent heardanything back,do you think she will still come? she was sounding desperate for care as they are in nursery 2 other days and they couldnt give extra days for the both children, they are meant to start on 4th jan, hopefully things are improving, she didnt mind id have time off for the baby, isaid im hoping will be just 2 weeks as i have my older children to sort out anyway

26-12-2009, 05:52 PM
well done i dont think cost should be a prob as they pay nursery fees.. maybe she didnt think you wanted a reply, leave it till next week and text again just to confirm that the start date etc and whattime they are arriving

28-12-2009, 01:29 PM
Congratulations. I am hoping to sign some soon as I lost 2 just before Xmas. I have a couple of potential ones calling back in the new year - both want Feb starts, so it might be a quiet January but will look up again by Feb. Fingers crossed.

I am sure she realised your mistake - as PP said, she has been paying nursery fees so will be used to them amount care for 2 children cost.

I miscalculated my money with my LO I started with in the summer and had been UNDER charging her £5 a week for about 4 months!!!:eek: Done myself out of £80! It was only when she asked for an extra day to start in the new year and I had to recalculate hours and days for a weekly fee that I realised!!! I told her and said the new amount would start the following week - she was fine about it but I felt a bit of a wombat!!!