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20-12-2009, 07:24 PM
I am working in paphos as a childminder and everthing is going really well i have 7 mindees in total and have only been open for 5 months.

I am well known and the only childminder in Cyprus, but due to the Cypriots been 20 years behind they won't register me, they will only register women with children over the age of 35. Although as long as I don't take care of a certain amount of children at the same time I am legal, they have very strange rules over here. I speak fluent Greek and this has helped me a lot, but still no joy. I also live in an upper house they only want people that live on the ground floor. Due to the fact that I have never committed any crimes in my life and when I first moved here I was visited by social services and she "approved" my house and me by drinking coffee in my kitchen, she didnt look anywhere else and didnt ask enough questions either.

Now a lot of you will be thinking that its much easier etc. but I feel like I need to stop. I love children and my mindees are all wonderful, they are all speaking both languages and learning lots.

I am considering moving to the uk again, my only concern is what can i do until I am registered once I have given in the forms etc? Can i work? if i can find a job? Can I receive any money while I am waiting, I have never received any kind of benefits and never reall wanted to, but this would be a case of having to if I couldn't find a job.

Any help will be appreciated thanks

03-02-2010, 08:44 AM
Hi There,

I have just moved to cyprus, admittedly with the forces. However i now there are other childminders in cyprus, some that use this forum. I minded in the uk 2 years and am currently registering in Cyprus. Admittedly it is through SAFFA, next time i see my childminding coordinator i will ask her what she knows about civilian childminders on the island...you never know!! 7 Mindees doesn't sound too bad though!


little chickee
03-02-2010, 09:56 AM
Is it possible to start the registration process before you move back? You could maybe write to Ofsted and explain your situation and get the ball rolling so that it won't take so long once you do move.

03-02-2010, 10:42 AM
One things I found as I had lived out of the UK for a while was if you decide to come home one thing you will need is a police report that states that while you have been living in Cyprus you have not committed any crimes etc. You would need this to complete your CRB check as the police can only check on your background in the UK. As for benefits etc., I think you probably would be able to claim as Cyprus is in the EU and I take it you're from the UK originally? You would be able to work, but not as a childminder until you have done the pre-reg course, have your CRB check, Dr's form done and are reigstered with Ofsted. My advice is talk to Ofsted or email them and see if you can have the forms sent to you and then at least if you decide to come back, get all the forms and paperwork done and sent back then that will be the time consuming part done. When you get back to the UK get on the pre-reg course quickly, arrange a first aid course aswell and then hopefully it should all fall into place for you. Good luck with whatever you do.