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18-12-2009, 02:11 PM
Does anyone have experience of moving house and transferring your registration? Basically, we have seen a new build that would give us the extra reception room to turn into a purpose built playroom. I use my extended dining room at the moment - half is our dining room and the other part has play flooring down so it would be really lovely to have our house back! The basic layout of the new house is ground floor: hall, playroom, large kitchen diner; first floor living room, master bedroom and ensuite; 2nd floor 2 more bedrooms and family bathroom. In terms of square footage, there is slightly more in the new house although room sizes are slightly smaller over all. The playroom is 4m2 larger than the playroom part of my dining room now. The playroom is 9m2 so more than meets the minimum space requirements for 3 under 5s in that room alone and we would also be using the dining room and bedrooms and of course the garden.
Unfortunately, with it being a new build, we can't actually put an offer in until we have sold our house and there will be no show home. so we can only see very detialed technical drawings until we 'own' the house as it's not yet built.:mad:
I spoke to someone at Ofsted and, as requested, sent them exact measurements hoping they'd be able to advise us on whether we would be able to transfer over my registration easily. I was told that until an inspector sees the house they can't give a proper answer. For goodness sake, we can't even see the house unless we sell ours. It's all a bit of a nightmare but I wondered it anyone had ever experienced something like this?

18-12-2009, 02:49 PM
Whenever I have moved they have never wanted to see the house before they transfer my registration. I get posted, I tell ofsted I have moved - within a couple of days of moving, I create a risk assessment of my new house and they send me my new certificate with my new addy on it.
Then at some point, you know whenever they feel like it, they come round and inspect my new premises. Last time I was a 18 months overdue on my regular inspection and I had been in my home for 10 months.

18-12-2009, 02:58 PM
Thanks. That's a big relief. I'm sure it will all be fine IF we do go for it!!